Tarmac SL7 -> alpinist cockpit?

Hi all,

I´m wondering if anyone out there combined the Tarmac SL7 with the new alpinist one piece cockpit?

The alpinist cockpit isn´t fully integrated - so I´m curious how it could look when the cables are routed in- and externally…?!

Any other one piece cockpit recommendation?

Pictures of this or any comparable solution are very welcome :wink:

Thank you & stay safe

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Was wondering the same thing myself. I have the Alpinist cockpit in the mail, will let you know how it goes. The plan is to try it with the SL7 spacer set first to see if I can get a clean routing of cables. I know the frame came with the spacer kit for a standard stem, but I don’t think it looks as nice, especially since I have 2cm of spacers. I don’t think I’ll be riding outside anymore this season as we’re getting snow already, so I have a good few months to try out different setups. Maybe try a 3D printed option.

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Cool! Would be great to see some pictures. Looking forward to reading your opinion!

Wish I took some pictures before switching it out, but I tried the bars with the non-integrated spacer (the top piece to use normal stems) and hated the look. The stack of the stem is much larger than the Tarmac stem, so all I needed was the required frame top cap and a single 1cm spacer, then the bars. Wasn’t a fan of how the cables looked so I went back to the Tarmac stem spacer kit and ran into a few problems. Obviously, it’s only designed to fit with the Tarmac stem, so the required top spacer didn’t fit and I couldn’t get a headset preload that I was happy with.

So I made some modifications and have some more to do. I took one of the 1cm integrated spacers and cut out a notch for the cables to exit. But it left a little gap on the sides and back, so I have some ABS plastic sheets coming that I plan to cut and shape on top of the normal spacer to create a flush sitting top spacer that I can properly preload the headset. I’ll try to take more pictures of the process.


Edit: Also of note, the bars in the picture are an AliExpress copy of the Alpinist bar. I picked these up cheap so I can test out a new fit with the width and stem length before dropping $600 on the real Alpinist bars. Same dimensions so I can experiment a bit with fit and cable routing and worst case I don’t like it and I’m only out $100. If I can get a routing solution I am satisfied with, I can swap out for the real Alpinist bar in the future.

Curious what the goal of the bar swap

Had the Aerofly II bars on and just didn’t like riding on the tops. I race maybe 5 times a year, so I cared less about the aero advantage (a handful of watt savings?) of the Aerofly bars and more about comfort. Considered just using a round bar and still may, but was intrigued with the weight of these, 257g in 420/120mm size, compared to 419g for the Aerofly bar and Tarmac stem (thing is porky). I ride a good bit the tops (especially indoors), and want the comfort of a round bar. Using a round bar with the Tarmac stem will get better integration, so this was kind of a curiosity project over the winter while the bike is on the trainer. If I’m happy with how the cables can route and how the stem sits, I’d keep it. Otherwise, the plan is to get a set of light round bars and use the Tarmac stem for the seamless integration.

Other bars I’ve looked at are the MCFK round bar (light and stiff but $395), Cadex Road bar (little heavier and still $375), Zipp ergo (really heavy), and the Easton EC90 (solid weight for the price).

hmm where the heck did i get my numbers! I thought it was like 60ish grams difference. Maybe the aluminum sl6 stem is much lighter.

Anywho, I agree round bars are more comfortable

  • S-Works SL stem in 110mm: 126g
  • Tarmac SL7 stem, 110mm: 180g (includes batwing)
  • S-Works Aerofly II bars, 42cm: 232g +8g wedge pieces
  • AliExpress “Alpinist” bars, 42cm/120mm: 257g

So it’s around 160g lighter with this one piece bar. With a traditional round bar and the Tarmac stem it would be around 50-60g lighter depending on what bar. But yea, it’s the Tarmac stem that’s the really heavy part. There are way lighter stems but you lose the clean integration. Though I have seen some tidy cable routing in other setups.

If you have cash to burn there is a new bar stem combination by Darimo called the ‚Nexum‘: 194 g for the 90/420 :star_struck:. I am looking flat it right now but it‘s darn expensive and - as seen in this thread - not easily portable to a SL 7 when my Tarmac SL 6 gets replaced.

I have looked at it but I’m too big I think. I’ve heard the Darimo bars are pretty flexy and I’m on the bigger side at 85kg. Looks great but I need something stiffer.

Some progress on my modding experiment. Got the ABS plastic sheet, came in around 3mm thick. Used the 1cm Tarmac spacer as a guide and cut the ABS into the spacer shape. Bent the front to match the normal spacer and viola. Actually pretty happy with the first result. The front notch on the stock Tarmac spacer could have been nicer, may use another one to make a cleaner cut. Weight for the new spacer came in at 3.1g.


Finished the setup for now. Pleasantly surprised with how it turned out. Is it perfect? No. But it’ll do. The tops are a little thinner than I like, so I’m double wrapping the tops. Cables are wrapped relatively cleanly with some shrink wrap to keep things tidy. And the top spacer looks pretty good.

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I love the Aerofly II bars. I’ve got them on my SL6. I also enjoy the flat too feel and the look itself. I really wanted a SL7 but couldn’t justify the 3.5k for di2 SL6 cost vs. 5k for SL7.


Idk if you plan on keeping the drops unwrapped but make sure you put in the endcaps. Wouldn’t want to get impaled!

No, this is just the winter indoor setup. I don’t really ride in the drops on the indoor trainer, and just wanted the tops wrapped for riding indoors. I’ll be doing a full wrap before this every goes outside.

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I am curious how it would look with the official “non-tarmac stem” headset cover as run by the Boels Dolmans team. (Link) I would say it would look pretty good if you would run no spacers. But ofcourse, fit is crucial :grinning:

Yea, I tried that but I didn’t like the look when used with spacers. If my stem was slammed, it was pretty good, but I’m not that flexible. What I’d like to do is custom 3D print a top spacer that fits flush.

Wow - within it´s boundaries - it looks very clean now. Really good job!

But: Optically still not what I want when buying a 500€ cockpit…

Wondering if specialized has some SL7-fitting aerofly-one-piece-cockpit in the works…

Are there any SL7 fitting one-piece-cockpit alternatives from other brands?!

The new Pro Vibe Evo Cockpit looks interesting but min stem is too long for me with 105mm…

FSA makes this spacer to adapt their ACR cockpits to an SL7. So you could use the Metron 5D integrated stem/bar with this adapter.

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Has anybody seen a picture of a Tarmac SL7 with the new Pro Vibe Evo cockpit installed?

It should work fully integrated but I don´t know if it fits on the Tarmac spacers…