Online analyzer tool question

Hi guys,

Yesterday I did “Taylor -2”. Now in the analyzer tool I notice that Target Power in the interval list (286 W) is different than Target Power in the graphic (292 W) for each Vo2max effort. I believe 292 W was the target during the workout.
Looking at other people who has finished the workout the samme issue seem to occur, so maybe I’m simply misinterpreting something?

Also, I noticed during the workout that each interval stat is giving me Normalized Power, not Actual Power. For short Vo2max this seem not optimal as Normalized Power takes time to be reliant, correct?

I hope you can help clarifying - Thanks :slight_smile:

If you are using erg mode there is usually a little lag at the beginning of the interval as resistance / power ramps up and after the end of the interval as resistance / power decrease. If you zoom in on one of the intervals you’ll probably see power starting low and ramping up the first 5s or so and at the end / beginning of the recovery alley being high and decreasing after the interval ends. You are probably getting 30s at the target wattage it is just slightly shifted from the display. This is not as noticeable with longer intervals as 5s of 3+min is a much smaller portion of the interval. I wouldn’t worry about it.

The information I’ve seen is that NP calculation involves 30s rolling averages of power data, so I don’t think it is of much use when looking at 30s intervals like this workout. I, personally, don’t really look at NP during interval workouts, only for free rides in Zwift or outdoors.

Thanks for your reply. I understand the ramp up time and slight delay caused by ERG mode. But I still don’t understand why my target power is not defined as 292W in the list?
Anyway, the workout felt right and I sure got hammered :). I’m just wondering if it could be a bug in the software.

I agree with you. I just posted a question on the exact same thing with Spanish Needle. I can’t understand why the target in the summary is calculating with the ramp up prior to the interval actually starting.
Like you I don’t worry about it too much because I feel I got out of the workout what was expected. Just seems strange to see a target on screen that you are working to hit and then look at the summary later and see the target well below what it was asking of me.
Also does this if you are on a dumb trainer too which makes the argument for ramping up in ERG a little invalid.

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I recently noticed something different but similar during the Ramp Test. This is specific to within the workout itself, not analyzing it afterwards.

The interval summary that pops up after each minute finishes shows a different power number than the target I had been riding to…only by 1 Watt, so I assume is it a rounding issue? Either way, it’s hard to un-notice it. This is on Kurt Kinetic dumb trainer as well, so Erg mode isn’t a factor.


I believe the interval summary is based on normalized watts. That doesn’t make sense for short intevals (5-30 sec). I also just discovered this. It can be demoralizing when you’ve closed your eyes and went deep in an interval only to be informed that you were like 20 watts off…
Hmm, I guess if you know that’s just the way it is, it’s ok…

Sorry, I wasn’t clear. The TARGET in the interval summary is a different number than the TARGET POWER was displaying. By 1 Watt. NP vs Average P should be the same if the power target it constant.

yes that looks like a bug. The 292W target is correct (243 * 120%) in the box that appears in the graph, and the 286W target in the interval list is wrong unless you adjusted intensity to 98%. However as you said I looked at a couple random workouts in Taylor -2 All Rides and they also appear to have the problem. If I pull up my last Taylor -2 workout (7 months ago), I do not see the problem.

Send an email to and have them look at the issue.