Worst luck ever - Smart trainer broke just starting mandatory quarantine by the gvnt

I have a Tacx flow smart trainer and it broke on Sunday just 10 min after I started a group ride in zwift. No matter how hard I ride no data was sent to the app. At first I tought it was a Zwift issue since it was only the second time I have used it, so I went to do a ride in TrainerRoad just to find the same outcome… All sunday and monday was in contact with garmin support trying to figue it out to what the problem was just to get to the conclusion that it was probably software related to the trainer and that I need to send it back for guaranty. So right now im stuck in quarintine, with a broken smart trainer and the shop where I bought it (im from colombia) is figuring out how they can help me during the quarantine. Worst luck ever or what?

Now I was thinking about using ant+ and my garmin vel and cadence sensor with the virtual power option, just dont know what to option to select since the trainer doesnt have a way to increse resistance so right know is basically and overpriced roller. Any ideas so that I can keep with my trainer schedule during this quarentine?

Worst luck ever could be a lot worse… just sayin’.

Bad luck and unfortunate, yes. Switching to Virtual Power may be a decent work around, but as you said, resistance will be an issue. I’d start with picking a magnetic trainer in the app. But that will likely not match for a smart trainer without power function. Some smart trainers (Kickr, Hammer, etc.) will apply a resistance curve while they are plugged in, but not connected to an app. Not sure about your trainer, but it’s something to try.

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The Flow rurns into a fluid trainer when unplugged, so you can just use it like a dumb trainer.

There are a couple of things I’ve learned about mine though, that you might want to try

  • the box the resistance unit is in can come apart a mm or so, make sure its fully pushed togwther and clicks into place
  • when you turn it on, the light will go from red to green and start blinking. I found it only works properly if its a fast blink, if it’s just doing a slow blink, it is not connecting. Try to turn off and on and wait for the fast blink bwfore connecting

So good new guys,

Splash was right and the problem was the friggin resistance unit, resistance box, resistance case, or what ever you wanted to called that thing with the magnet in the tacx flow smart.

I hope this thread could help other that will have the same issue. Is not only to push the case together you actually have to make sure it is fully alligned. My guess is there is a optical sensor that if the resistance case is not completelly allign it wont work.

So yeah, I almost panic buy another trainer just because of the tough of having to endure the quarentine without my bike.

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