Tacx Neo switch from rim to disc brakes back and forth

I’m sharing a TacX Neo trainer with another triathlete and we both have bicycles with rim brakes.
I’m thinking about buying a new bicycle and considering one with disc brakes.

How difficult and time-consuming would it be to swap from a rim brake to a disc brake set-up every single time we use the trainer? Is it reasonable?

The Neo itself doesn’t have any connection to the braking system on your bike. It shouldn’t matter.

That said, you’ll need to specify the exact type of bike if you’re wondering about general compatibility with the Neo. Some bikes fit and some don’t.

thanks for the answer, I haven’t decided one specific model yet, I’m still in the research phase and there’s several models I’m considering.

I am aware that there’s no braking on a trainer. On the other hand, at the very minimum, I would imagine you would need to swap end caps and use a QR adaptor to accept thru-axles on the Tacx Neo, maybe even additional spacers. If that is a change that needs to be done every single time, it might be time consuming and messy. I would like to understand exactly how that process would be.

I’ve got a gen 1 Neo and it’s a piece of cake as you just swap the end caps on the trainer.

I’m on a Neo 2 which is much the same as the original Neo. I’ve seen loads of people have trouble with the disc brake calliper hitting the casing.
I vaguely remember seeing a template floating around online that you can cut out and use to check clearance. I’d highly recommend also asking around once you pick a bike and confirming that someone has had success on the Neo.

Swapping bikes over is pretty easy once you know what you’re doing.

PS. I use an old set of house keys to keep the callipers apart. Seriously, every time someone walks into my gym the first thing they do is squeeze the brakes before jumping on the bike.