Tacx NEO 2T and SRAM RED XG-1290 cassette (12 speeds)

Good afternoon,

did anybody have experienced any issues to install a SRAM RED XG-1290 cassette (12 speeds) with the NEO 2T?
I purchased the Tacx T2875.76 SRAM XD-R body adapter hoping to get the cassette into it.

However, I cannot figure out out to screw/fix the cassette to the drive side of the trainer using the cassette locking tool.

Any advise, please?


Chainwhip, to hold the cassette in place. You’ve probably used it to remove a cassette, now use it in the opposite direction to install it on a trainer. You don’t have a wheel to hold onto.


Yes - sure I forgot to mention that I am using a lock ring removal tool together with a chain whip to tighten the cassette in place.

The problem is, despite I keep screwing with the wrench :wrench: I don’t see the cassette tighten up in its place to the drive wheel of the trainer…

Should I use a ring spacer with the body adapter??


The spacer would only be for installing a XD cassette onto XD-R, such as an Eagle cassette or some MTB cassette. There aren’t many 11 speed XD road cassettes, only a handful from 3T and Asia.

I can’t say what your problem is, but can only guess that you didn’t seat the cassette all the way in before turning the lock ring. If that’s not it, I’m not sure what it could be.


I eventually managed to fix the cassette in place - it seems so. I had to position the smart trainer almost horizontally to be able to screw it in by using the chain whip and lock ring tool.

Now, there is a lot thing to do and I have read few things which make nervous around bike with rear brake calliper (like mine) and the Neo 2T - where parts are touching.

I haven’t tried as yet, but I was thinking to use the included 142mm NDS part and the thru-axle included inside the Neo 2T box.

Not sure if this combination would work? Or I need to use a bigger NDS part (148mm) or a spacer with the 142mm piece?

Any suggestion is welcome.

thanks a mill

I can’t help here, much. It’s a big weakness of the trainer, IMO. I do know that Tacx includes a non-drive side spacer for disc brakes. It should be in the parts list. Mine didn’t have it, so I had to contact Tacx/Gardin for it (I like the have all the parts that I’m supposed to have when buying something).

I don’t use a rideable bike on mine, just a frame with just a drivetrain and no brakes. Hence, the lack of help.

Some folks have just removed the caliper and zip tie it out of the way.

Ok, no problem.

Maybe someone else here had the same issue before.

Thanks for your help though.

This cassette (with XDR freehub) works without issues. But disc brake brake caliper will rub against trainer body. Even with spacer that alters rear spacing from 142mm and applies extra stress to frame. This was the reason why I replaced Neo 2T with Wahoo KICKR v4.

Hi Aleksandr,

What you are saying is a bit shocking to me, I cannot believe Garmin is selling the top of the range smart trainer which is not fully compatible with rear brake callipers bike and that the only work around to fix that would be to introduce a stressing element on the frame.

This is crazy.

If someone else had the same problem please let me know


I have this set up. I use 7mm of spacers that came with the Tacx (5mm and 2mm) on the NDS. Gives just enough clearance for brake to never rub. Contact Tacx if you need additional spacers. I could have used 5mm only, but I wanted it to definitely never rub under flex and adding the additional 2 didn’t cause any issues.

So, use 142 and some mm of spacers, it will probably be fine.

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I have the same problem. My sram 12 speed axs and xd-R cassette with disk brake bine will not fit neo 2T. TACX are absolutely lying. even forced in with spacers (at the risk of bending the disk brakes or the bike frame) the derailleur cannot reach the low gears and grinds like ko tomorrow.

Returning to Garmin.