Tacx neo 2t rubbing on chainstay

Been using this trainer for about 6 months now and had some fitting problems with my two separate bikes.

Over the winter my nice bike, a 2019 TCR disc (with thru axel) was permanently fixed to the trainer and I had to loosen the rear brake caliper to allow the bike the slightest of clearance from the tacx black plastic casing.

Last week I swapped over and put my winter bike on the trainer, a 2016 (I think) Specialized Allez. Being rim braked, this bike doesn’t have the problem of the rear caliper fouling the trainer but the actual chainstay itself is now wedged in against the black plastic when everythings tightened up. Its not much but its definitely pushing against it.

I also have always had to position about 4mm of cardboard under the right hand side of the trainer, to get both bikes to actually sit upright and not lean to the right! I’ve checked the floor with a 1m spirit level and it’s pretty damn straight.

I’ve been meaning to post these issues for a while and ask if anyone else has had these problems.

Hi Cowboyjon,
This is something that was standard on the older Neo Taxc they did update it so it was shorter as small bike were having this problem with short chainstays rubbing on the trainer.
Unfortunatley there isn’t much you can do about it to my knowledge.
Just make sure you are using the correct spacers for the allez.

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Thanks fella. Should have said both bikes are size large and fairly common models - I’d have thought there wouldn’t be any issues at all.

Yeah if they are both large it shouldn’t be a problem. Let me look at some geometries and get back to you.

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Sadly, this is quite common. The Neo shape (more forward material than other trainers) and location on the non-drive side (wider to the left than the right) create contact and even prevents use with some bikes.

One trick: Add shims under the rear feet of the trainer. This lifts and pitches the trainer forward, and may rotate enough to drop down and create clearance at the stay. You may need to raise the front a similar amount for “balance” on the bike.

You can even try just raising the front higher, which does much the same as tilting the trainer as above. It may even help to do both changes, to maximize the relative rotation down for the part of the trainer that contacts the stay.

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Thanks Chad, I’ll try those ideas tonight.

Can’t believe none of the multiple reviews I read before buying said anything about this happening on normal bikes - it’s not like I’m riding something exotic or obscure!

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It’s close on every bike I have tried, and even prevented use with a Fuji tri bike, that had super narrow stays in the middle.

Agreed that it is an often overlooked issue with this trainer. The additional issues with disc caliper clearance is real as well, and not mentioned often. But Tacx has been sending out spacers to “fix” the problem. I sure hope they consider these issues when the finally make a “new” model or update the tooling on the existing frame design.

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I’ve just decided to upgrade to this trainer and I ride a Specialized tarmac disc in large. Is this a real issue as I don’t want to spend thus much and damage the bike?
It’s going to be dispatched soon so I may cancel and order the Kickr instead if so

Can’t speak of the Tarmac but it’s definitely rubbing against my Allez.

It’ll wear out the paint but I’m not fussed as it’s my crap winter bike. I wouldn’t be putting a brand new bike that fouls on it tho.

Hopefully someone with a Tarmac can help you.