2 bikes, 2 axle types, 1 trainer

I’m considering a Tacx Neo 2T. I have a bike with quick release skewers, and my wife has a bike with thru axles. What is the process like to switch bikes on and off a trainer in a situation like this? I’m trying to figure out how big of a pain this is going to be before I pull the trigger.

Looking at this video from the one and only @GPLama, it appears it’s a bit laborious to swap between the two, as it looks like the cassette needs to come off so you can swap the adapters over. I’m sure Shane can provide a more clear and concise answer if you tweet at him or comment on the Youtube video.

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Not to push you away for the Neo, but I have a Kickr Core and swapping between axel types takes only a few seconds. You just swap out inserts in the Drive side and non-drive side, no cassette removal. I expect that the Regular Kickr is similar.


Yeah, I was going to mention this as well. It’s as easy as flipping the adapters around on each side for the Kickr Core I have, which is super nice, although I’ve since sold my rim brake bike so I only keep the adapters on through axle now.

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On my Tacx Neo first gen you just need to swap out the axle adaptors, it’s not a big deal.

You don’t need to removed the cassette.

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Notably, the Neo (1) and Neo 2 used adapters to work for Thru Axle setups.

The Neo 2T has actual, native Thru Axle support, that uses different end caps. So it has a different use case compared to the prior models, that uses the same end caps with the adapter axle/skewer setup.

Edit to add 2T manual info:

Hard to tell if you can access the T2880.06 end cap to swap between the QR & TA options with the cassette installed. I may have to see if someone has a video showing the process.

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I’d echo the comments above. I have a Kickr, and it is very easy. We have 3 bikes, 1 with a thru axle, and 2 with QR’s of different sizes. Takes less than a minute to swap out the bikes.

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