Tacx Neo Smart Bike (dedicated bike)

Hey all,

I’ve been using the TacX Neo Bike for the last 2 weeks and I had a few issues for the group to see if anyone has experienced the same things.

The first and foremost is that flywheel is extremely hot after I complete a ride, almost to the point where it is too hot to touch. Is this normal or is this something I should be concerned about.

I’ve also noticed a sort of rubbing or swooshing noise (if that makes any sense) from the flywheel area when I’m riding. It’s different than the normal hum the bike produces while I ride.

The last thing is that sometimes I hear a fair amount of creaking come from the bike. I’ve tried to investigate, but have had a hard time really determining where it’s coming from or perhaps it’s coming from multiple places. A lot of the time it sounds like it’s coming from the crank area and seems consistent with my pedal stroke.

Does anyone have any insight into these comments? Are any of them something you’ve experienced or that I should be worried about or am I being overly critical?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I’ve had the Smart Bike since November. Unfortunately I’m on my third–!--with a fourth coming. The heavy discount sounded great, but that run was not ready for prime time.

Despite all of the issues I’ve had and continue to have, I have to admit I love the bike and have put several thousand k on it on Zwift. I’m just hoping they will get their act together on the quality concerns.

I can’t make any comparison to WattBike or the others–DC Rainmaker handles that just fine–but this one feels solid, responsive. I love the screen that shows data including gears when Zwift is on: I definitely would not get a bike without it, as that is so valuable, for me anyway, during programmed workouts.

My first bike had all sorts of noises, so, yes, I’m familiar with those issues. The current bike also has some random noises, but they don’t seem to interfere with anything, so I can live with them.

My second bike had the high wattage slippage that others have described.

I thought the current bike was good to go, but I’ve now realized that I didn’t understand how ERG is supposed to work. Now that I do, this bike definitely isn’t doing it correctly. It won’t hold me in the prescribed zone and I can’t use the gears I want: at higher wattage I’m spinning so hard–in the big ring/small cog!–just to keep up that I couldn’t possibly stand. I’ve had to remove ERG for workouts and just deal with hitting the numbers myself. Old school, but it works. But, of course, the reason for getting the bike was to have this feature.

Final notes – steering does not seem to be on the horizon for this bike so far as I can tell. The buttons are there but don’t function. And they make much of the fact that the motor will drive the bike downhills, but that definitely doesn’t work for me in Zwift.

I have not noticed that the flywheel gets hot, but I can’t say I’ve checked it. Wouldn’t seem like a problem unless it’s melting something!


Thanks for the reply! I ended up reaching out to Garmin with some pics and videos and they offered to send me a new bike or told me I could try replacing the belt to see if that helped. I replaced the belt yesterday and squeaking or screeching I was hearing is gone. The bike also seems to be running smoother. I’m hoping it continues this way.

The flywheel thing still concerns me. After a 1.5 hour ride, it’s hot to the point where touching it could probably burn you. I know there are supposed to be heat sinks in the bike that dilate the heat and I’m wondering if they’re functioning properly.

Some of the other noises I’ve encountered, I’ve been able to pinpoint to certain components. Some of it was the pedals as I was originally using cheap platforms and I think the bearings were just about shot. Some of it was also the seat creaking which I think can be attributed to the cheap seat the bike comes with. I don’t think they bothered to include a higher quality seat figuring that most people were going to swap it for their own anyway.

Can someone explain a little more about the belt slippage at high wattage? I’m not sure that I’ve experienced it, but I want to make sure I’m looking out for it or will recognize it

You’ll know when it happens. It feels like your wheel slipping, Impossible to miss.

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I am having the exact same belt slippage issue–even with the new belt. Does anybody have any other suggestions?

Hey, I would reach out to Garmin again as they’ll probably have to replace the bike. The issues I was having came back shortly after replacing the belt and then I started experiencing the belt slipping even at low wattages. I think it’s a design or component issue with certain production runs of the bike.