I’m done with smart trainers (possibly resolved)

I am so angry right now. I had a crap show with wahoo. I got my money back, and received my H2 today. Right out of the box, it looked pre-owned. ERG mode doesn’t work, and the machine will not produce any power. I calibrated through Rouvy and Trainer Road, and absolutely nothing. I can free spin with no resistance in the big ring and small cog. Yes, ERG mode has been selected, which at this point, with no power, seems pointless. I’m done. I’m so angry right now.

One more try with Neo?


Nope. Back to my fluid trainer. CT will receive an ear full from me tomorrow


I don’t blame you

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go for Neo. 3 years, no issues, no calibration, no maintenance - 5 times a week… still so powerful


One more here with a 1,5 year old Neo and still no issues other than replacing the cassette and wiping it down from sweat.

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Same. Neo for the win.

I guess you’re just venting but that sounds more like an issue with your supplier than smart trainers.

Might be worth buying from someone else next time…


Hammer here and wouldn’t swap, I’m sure every manufacture has an user that could say the same.

The nature of failure rates, every manufacture has sent out trainers that are dead on arrival. That’s life but no consolation if it happens to you multiple times. Unfortunately the only way we get any visibility of what those rates are, are done by googling and reading users experiences. We then have to make our own conclusions.

The H2 does sound like an issue with your supplier, the fact it looked pre-owed isn’t good and would set off the alarm bells for me… make sure you vent well!

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2 different smart trainers from 2 different manufacturers, both with issues? One common factor is the same end user.

Any chance you haven’t had things set up correctly before using them? :thinking:

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Thousands of people use them with minimal or no issues. My Kickr works fine.

Contact support. Figure it out.


Hey, it took many girlfriends and 1 ex-wife before I found the right woman. I didn’t swear off relationships because I know such is life and nothing is perfect. There are plenty of benefits to smart trainers and the vast majority of users are very happy. You just unfortunately found a few bad units, but if you persisted eventually you would receive a smart trainer that works right out of the box. It’s a frustrating inconvenience with all the returns, but the hassle is worth it in the long run. I think my wife would agree.


Im just trying to give you an option here and not tell you what to do. REI has a sale on that puts the price of the H2 at $800.00 USD. FULL disclosure… I am a happy H2 user bought at REI.

@mancunian don’t think so. My Kickr was great, until it wasn’t. This isn’t user-error. I wish it was. I’m fed up

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Try plugging it in? :slight_smile:

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That type of “help” is not great when you can tell the person on the other end is already quite upset.

I get the humor behind it and the likely attempt to lighten the mood, but it rarely helps the other persons attitude when they are quite stressed and frazzled.

I think real help (in the form of purposeful suggestions) is better towards actually solving the problem.

(For clarity, this is directly in response to the “plugging it in?” comment only)


Respectfully disagree. If the OP had said “Can’t believe it! That’s 2 smart trainers in a row that haven’t worked! So frustrating! Is it just bad luck or am I doing something wrong?”, that would be one thing.

But instead he’s saying “I’m done with” a piece of technology that thousands of people, hundreds on this forum alone, use with no or minimal issues. Hence my “purposeful suggestion” that he or she take a deep breath, calm down, and focus on solving the problem.

@martinheadon, my reply is a direct response to the “plug it in?” comment (directly above my post, and hence the reason I did not directly quote it), not yours above.

And for the record, I am actively in discussion with the OP via PM to address the issue. We are already onto a possible issue based on the lighting indicators on the trainer.


Yes, although if I’m being totally honest, “is it plugged in?” was the very first thing that entered my mischievous head when I read the topic originally…

Sure, and I achieved the same knowledge by asking which colored light was showing (all while avoiding the potentially insulting, but very worthwhile question of asking if it was powered/plugged in).