Tacx Neo front wheel support?

I have been riding my Taxc Neo without front wheel support since i got it because i like to be able to move the handlebars a bit.

A friend mentioned that the angle is off if you dont use a front wheel support and you are basically simulating a small decline at all times.

Should i be using the front wheel support to level out my bike when training indoors?

Nothing wrong with being a little bit more aero.

How’s your saddle tilt? Comfortable?

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You can always add a flat support. I hate the wheel blocks that lock the wheel, so I’ve always used my own home built blocks.

Yeah, I was actually talking with Chad about this, in a different thread, just a few days ago.

Without front wheel support, you are, in fact, simulating a decline. If you have a weaker core (like me) that means your arms are taking more weight, and that could lead to overuse, soreness, and eventually pain.

I’ve got the wheel block on a book, right now, for an overall incline of 1" and might add more. Hadn’t considered not using the wheel block in order to move the handlebars.

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Yes. Use a wheel block or raise it up with a couple of phone books or the Yellow Pages. Oh wait, are you old enough to have used/seen a phone book :sweat_smile:

You’ll probably be more comfortable with a slight incline.

I removed my neo front Block to train for watts on flats/decline. You get used to it fast so don’t worry

Yes, it’s like being on a decline.

You can use a flat support, like a piece of wood. You can also get (or make an equivalent of) Kurt’s rotating front wheel support.

Unless you don’t get used to it, and you start getting chronic forearm and elbow pain :face_with_head_bandage:

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Sorry but this is 100% wrong on a Tacx Neo 2t which is the subject of this post.

Kickr and some other direct drive trainers don’t need one but Tacx 100% does. This is why they are included.


Dylan is correct… the Neo model DOES require a block… the Flux and other manufacturer models do not