Tacx Neo motion plates - long term reviews?


When the Neo motion plates were first announced, I was interested but put off by the price. I hoped that the (frankly somewhat crazy) price would drop to a more reasonable level. Here in the UK at least, I still haven’t seen significant discounts.

So… I was wondering if anyone out there who has them would care to offer a view on how they’re getting on? Did the novelty factor wear off? Would you buy them again?


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I bought mine straight away and posted in the discussion at the time, I’ll start backwards, would I buy them again, yes, if I was going to be buying them I would consider getting the Kincker Move as well

Did the novelty wear off, well yes, like anything you just get used to it, do you still notice the side to side movement on the Neo or has the novelty worn off ? It’s not until you take it away that you would notice it, it’s why summer bikes feel so good after the winter of riding on winter bikes (if you still do that) but feel normal at the end of summer

The first thing I noticed when I got them was that choppy pedaling = lots of movement, so I feel that it’s done a lot for smoothing my pedal style (if that important) and getting out of the saddle with them is a lot more natural, I do fairly long sessions on the turbo, and don’t get uncomfortable, but I don’t get on the turbo and thing, wow these plates are amazing

i really don’t think that helped L-)


I bought the motion plates when they first became available in the US. There is a review thread somewhere if you have not read it.

My perspective looking back - I still think they are stupid expensive for what they are. That out of the way, I would buy them again in a heartbeat. Trainer riding is hard on the body and any additional motion is a very positive thing. Having now tried both rocker plates and the NEO motion plates I think that the fore/aft motion is a great benefit, and personally prefer it to the increased side to side motion of a traditional rocker plate. Given that the NEO has some side to side flex, I found the rocker plate to not add any great value, whereas the motion plates add a new dimension.

I like that it forced me to become much smoother on the trainer. The first time you get out of the saddle or sprint you become aware of how fluid/smooth or not, your movement is (as in - almost fall off the trainer, or smash into your table). I enjoyed dialing in the pedal action to smooth out transitions.

The final aspect of these is that they attach seamlessly in seconds to the NEO - honestly all of these trainers should just come with the plates IMO!

If you spend any serious time on the trainer the cost of these plates will be quickly forgotten.


I received a rebate for free motion plates when I purchased the Neo 2t. The novelty does wear off but that little bit of motion does make the experience a little more enjoyable. Long story short, they are worth it especially if you spend time riding indoors.


They’re marked as “NEW” here in Taiwan :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Been wanting them since they were announced like 18mo ago. I believe it’s only in the last two maybe three weeks, they’ve become available here. However, I’m not so interested now since I’m considering the Wahoo Shift Bike.

Thanks for the replies folks, very helpful. Seems largely positive… just need an excuse to buy myself a present now I guess!


I have recently got them so I can’t speak to anything long term. However, they do feel a fair bit more natural if I can describe it as such. They definitely make the prospect of a >1 hour workout a lot more appealing.

Full disclosure, I got them as a present and with quite a good discount at £180 here in the UK. Would I buy them for myself now that I have used them? Probably, yes. I don’t think I could go back to using the Neo without them now.

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Had them for over a year and I am not sure if I would buy them, again. Yes, they really do make the motion of sprinting (or just standing, in general) closer to “natural”, but they really are stupidly expensive for what they provide. That being said, I don’t know if I would actually want to take them off, so that may mean something.

If you can find them at a discount, I would say go for it, but not for full price. They just don’t deliver that much value.

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I concur with the above posts. Bought it on release, used them since without issues and am acclimatized to the motion. Can’t sprint on them as effectively as a fixed set up.

It seems the motion plates are now bundled with the Neo 2T trainer and the bundle costs the same as just the 2T used to cost earlier.

The bundle is available directly from Tacx, but as always it is cheaper to buy it from a reseller.

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