Tacx Neo 2T re: Cycling Dynamics, Garmin and TrainerRoad

Has anyone gotten the Neo 2T to display cycling/pedal dynamics in any way?

I have Garmin Edge 820, TrainerRoad (obviously lol) and followed the Tacx Forum recommendations: Pair Edge to the speed/cadence ‘sensor’ and the power ‘sensor’ aka the Neo 2T. Done. Did -not- connect Edge to the “Trainer” Neo 2T. Then started TR ride, started Garmin Edge, but in Cycling Dynamics (which is set up in activities for Indoor, which was running), just a blank screen.

Have tried following combinations with no success:

  1. As above.
  2. Tried connecting ‘trainer’ to Neo 2T (with and without other speed/cadence and power sensors connected).

Have a pwoermeter on bike, but that’s disconnected from TR and disconnected from the Garmin Edge.


  1. Garmin/Tacx only references the “Edge 530” in most of its forums, yet says it will work with the “Garmin Edge” head units. My 820 has cycling dynamics, is it not compatible with Neo 2T for some reason other than Garmin wanting me to buy a new head unit?

  2. Is there something about transmitting to TR that prevents Neo 2T to transmit to the Edge? I see all other parameters - power, ‘speed’, cadence, etc. on the Edge 820 whilst riding, so I know those sensors on 2T are communicating with Edge 820.

Bottom line: has anyone here gotten the 2T to work (while using a TR workout) to display cycling dynamics on any Garmin Edge head unit? If so, what specific setups were used?


Aren’t cycling dynamics mostly about pedalling efficiency, left/right balance etc … and so likely to need pedal-based power measurement?

Hi - the Neo2T supposedly offers this with a paired head unit. Neither my Garmin Edge 820 nor SRM PC8 can see any cycling dynamics - only L and R balance. The latest firmware on Neo 2T permits Ant+ display of both. Speaking to Garmin seems the Neo 2T is a defective unit oh well. If anyone has any ‘tricks or tips’ or have actually gotten this to work (cycling dynamics on 2T) let me know?

Not sure I entirely follow - what ‘cycling dynamics’ metrics do you expect your Neo 2T to provide?

Edit: I think I get it now … are you wanting to put Neo 2T into either Isotonic or Isokinetic mode, and have the power phase data show on your Garmin?

(I had no idea those modes were even a thing on a Neo 2T…)

What do you mean by this?

Cycling Dynamics aren’t there yet. That blog post is incorrect, and honestly not sure why it’s posted. I brought it up to them a few days after it went up and they said a variant of ‘Oh crap’, I figured it’d be pulled.


Wow the one and only dcrainmaker! Thanks for your reply, I’m a big fan. The folks at Garmin must not be aware either because their engineering department has been looking this over and ‘still working on it’. They’ve told me it’s the head unit (Edge 820) but that doesn’t make sense to me. I also have an SRM PC8 and tried cycling dynamics through that head unit, and it also only shows balance and nothing as ‘promised’. I read online that the latest firmware provided it (.34) and Garmin even asked me to confirm I’m on that firmware.

dcrainmaker thanks for the heads up. I was actually arranging to return the 2T as I thought it was a defective unit. At least this way I can be disappointed with just that feature, but having been on Kickr’s up until this time, the 2T is clearly superior, at least from my point-of-view and for several reasons.

Thanks for everything you do for cycling and thanks especially for responding to my little post!

Hey @dcrainmaker wondering if you’ve heard any news on this? You’d think with everyone hunkered down, they’d offer a firmware update to actually offer what the Neo 2T is supposed to offer lol. Since our last message, a FW update came out, but didn’t change much. Any insider info you can share on timing or availability of cycling dynamics on the 2T? Thanks!