Best way to connect tacx neo 2T

Back in the day, I remember trainer road allowed broadcasting your stats to your head unit. The equipment I use is as follows, MacBook pro, tacx Neo 2T, garmin 1030 and p2 PowerTap. I like having tss scores, freshness and fitness amongst other stats that garmin provides but its doesn’t allow 3rd party downloaded files to provide that. is there any luck with brining that feature back or another option available that I’m not aware of ?

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Just grab the Neo2T or P2 signal on your Garmin via Ant+ while pairing the trainer/PM via Bluetooth to the TR app


thanks, that’s pretty much what i do now. power meter to head unit and 2t to the mac with TR. Just looking for a better solution.

Here is the only “recent” info we have on the old Device Relay tool:

I believe I have a copy of the legacy app. i do enjoy the new features and i don’t really see myself reverting to that permanently. thank you for the input. I appreciate it.

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