TACX Neo 2T First Time Use Concerns?

I just purchased a Tacx Neo 2T. I updated the firmware and have done 2 work outs on it so far (Ramp Test and Haku). Both were in ERG mode. I noticed that my wattage seemed to be above the target a bit (more noticeable at lower wattages). My cadence was more or less stable (except during the sprint intervals)

Attached a couple of screenshots of my 2 workouts. Power seems to be off track during the warm up/cool downs.

Is this normal for this trainer? Maybe my FTP is too low for such a high end trainer…Hoping to avoid paying shipping to send this think back for replacement.

I have one coming in October so i’ll be stalking this thread if you don’t mind.

Are you using smo4thing? Usually 3 to 10 seconds fixes this issue.

What gear are you in when on the trainer?

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Most trainers will do something similar if you’re running a high flywheel speed at low wattages.
What gearing are you using?

PS. I’m assuming that you’re using the 2T without power matching to a PM?

@Thebigred power smoothing was set to 1 sec. I will change it to 3 for my next workout, but I do not suspect this is the issue. Both the peaks and valleys are above the target wattage (see the cooldown intervals). The target line should be going through the middle.

I was using the big chain ring in the front and cycled between the smallest 3 rings in the back. I do not have a power meter on the bike, so just using the one on the trainer.

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I have a Neo 2T and a similar FTP as you do. I cannot use the big ring for recovery wattages. If I do I will get results exactly like you are showing here for those lower wattages.

Switch to the small ring up front and a mid gear in the back and you will most likely see this issue disappear. You should be able to do pretty much all of your workouts this way barring some specific cases where you may switch to resistance mode and need to change up the gearing.


Use small middle gearing with erg. It gives the trainer the most advantages so it can do the right thing.

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This seemed to do the trick. Appreciate the help!

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Big ring should not be a problem. I have been using it all the time. I agree small chain ring gives a better power line but big ring is not the case here. If smoothing does not solve your problem, then have a talk with Tacx support

Drop your ftp down to 200 and try it in the big ring with the 3 smallest gears on the cassette.
It’s a legit problem that I’ve witnessed on the Kickr and Neo. The trainers don’t like it when you clock a theoretical 50-60km/hr while putting out low wattages.

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Kind of moot since OP already mentioned that the issue has resolved, but smoothing is not going to change the fact that his power is too high for the segment. Smoothing, as the name implies, is just going to give him a smoother line. That line will still be too high.

And for clarity, the TR smoothing setting only applies to the digital number display for the current power. It does absolutely nothing to the graphed power line or any of the actual power data recorded in the file.

The smoothing only exists as a means to control the constant oscillation that exists in our power output. The idea being to reduce that constant power fluctuation to a point that “works” for us to keep from going crazy trying to hold a power.

Smoothing is effectively a non-factor when using ERG mode, assuming the rider is not actively trying to control power via their input. Doing so is counter to the point of ERG mode and only causes more problems.