Tacx Neo Smart Bike - ERG mode having major discrepancies


Just taking the Tacx Neo Smart Bike out for its inaugural spin and having some wattage discrepancies.

(1) Lastest firmware installed (0.39) and iPhone updated
(2) ERG mode engaged

When doing Pettit - Target watts listed as 80 yet wattage is 120 from the bike.
When it ticks up to 88 the wattage ticks up to around 128

I know there are some ERG mode issues with the bike but I was led to believe more like 10% not 150%
Is there something I am missing or is this just the issue (which would be crazy)

and I disabled power match (since I don’t have power pedals installed)

Are you new to ERG mode? with my trainer (Tacx vortex) to match those low wattages I have to drop my cadence quite low, so I don’t bother and just let it read high.

I have a Tacx Neo as well and no matter what the cadence - the power hangs around 120… (and underneath the goal says 80)…not at all how it worked on the Tacx Neo with Tri bike setup

It’s worse at lower wattages and better at higher wattages. We are all just waiting on the next firmware from Tacx at this point.

so after discussing this with Garmin on chat, I’m realizing that the Tacx bike cannot hold 60 watts in ERG mode on any app. Both the Tacx training app and the TR app default to 40-50 watts more at each set point (not always but close). When taken to 200W it gets it pretty darn good (up and down 5% which I am fine with).
Like you said, waiting on the fix, but for us low wattage riders wanting to use ERG and TR this is a pretty big issue

Yup its definitely a problem that frustrates my SO

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Was this ever resolved via firmware?