Tacx Neo Bike watt problem

Hello everybody. Yesterday first training with the Tacx Neo Bike, before I had the Neo 2T. Neo bike connected to the pc with tacx ant + sensor, garmin heart rate belt connected with ant + sensor, bike power supply connected, external bluetooth sensor connected to the PC.
The response of the bike to the power variations of TR apparently imperceptible and I could not maintain the suggested power, I was always below a few watts, from 2/3 to a dozen. What can be? The bluetooth sensor came to my mind, but only after I had finished training. Today I try again. Anyone have any suggestions? Thank you

Was your cadence level but the bike wasn’t hitting the target? Maybe try Bluetooth or perhaps have support have a look at the ride file to see if anything was happening in the background to throw things off?

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Have you updated the firmware to .41?

If not, start there.

After that, I’d suggest using the lowest front ring and highest rear cog in ERG mode. You should expect it to be about 2-3 watts below target normally. It’s just how it is with the firmware right now. It’s annoying visually but won’t affect your training.

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Tuesday I will make the ramp test, so recalibe the value of FTP with the new roller and see, I updated to the latest version of the firmware