TACX NEO 2T cassette compatibility?

Trying to FLATTEN the learning CURVE regarding cassette for TACX NEO 2T as I await/prepare for delivery of the NEO 2T.

bike TARMAC Ultegra 11 spead cassette (11-32)

For the TACX NEO 2T should I go with the 10 Speed?
Will using a 10 speed cassette present problems if I am currently running an 11 speed cassette on my bike.?
Or, is it best to just run the 11S on the 2T?

Will it make a difference

The cassette “speeds” you need, depend on what shifter you have. If you have 11s, use 11s. You won’t be able to shift properly without some bodge, and it’ll make going back and forth (to road form), a pain.


thanks 11s it is

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Agreed. You can use 10 speed shifting on 11 speed cassette on the Tacx Neo 2T but I wouldn’t try it in reverse.

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