Cube Nuroad Race with Tacx Neo 2T 11 gear cassette issue

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Maybe someone had similar problem, I’ve installed exactly same cassette Shimano CS-HG700 11-34T 11 gear on my Tacx Neo 2T. Everything fits without any issue on the trainer. I’m using my Cube Nuroad Race bike with Shimano GRX RD-RX810 drive. It seems that everything works fine when I mount the bike wheel with all 11 gears but when I mount the bike to the trainer the smallest cog is inaccessible. The chain switches to second cog. It looks like the cap that holds the bike (12 mm thru axle adapter drive side) is 3mm shorter than the one I have on my wheel. Regulation doesn’t do much as the maximum limit for the drive is still not sufficient to switch to first cog. Did anyone experienced some similar issues? Many thanks for any ideas and help.

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Michal Sadowski

I have a similar issue on my Neo with an 11-28 cassette. It does however shift into the smallest cog, but the chain skips and jumps like crazy. No micro adjustments or changes the H limit screw resolves the problem. The extra spacer for 10 speed cassettes isn’t installed either. Following this post for any advice to your problem.

Post on the Facebook neo users group, plenty people on there able to help

I’m waiting for my invite to be accepted thank you very much for help. I’ll post the solution when I find it. for now after small regulation 10 gears needs to be sufficient.

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