Tacx Neo 2T and XG-1275 eagle 10-50 cassette compatibility

I have installed a xg-1275 eagle 10-50 cassette on the Tacx Neo 2t with XD-R driver and 1.85 spacer, in the other side of Tacx, have mounted a spacer recommended for disk brakes bikes. All fits ok, but when I used the small gears, the chain jump continously, and de gear 10 hit with the frame. It’s
a cassette incompatibilty or my installaton error? I have xx1 AXS derrailleur.

Ignoring the 10t for a moment, have you applied any adjustment to the rear derailleur (via typical cable tension adjustment if mechanical, or the proper means if electronic)?

Thanks for answering. Not for the moment, I’m trying not to modify the rear derrailleur adjustment, because on the bike I have an identical xg-1275, and also an XDR driver with DT swiss wheels, everything working perfectly.

OK, but be aware, that the need to make a slight derailleur adjustment is not uncommon in the industry. Just like any wheel, a trainer has an axle, freehub and the surrounding parts. They are all made within a range of size and position tolerances. Those tolerances can still make “good” parts, but that is no guarantee that each and every one will lead to the same exact derailleur adjustment. In my trainer library, I am about 50/50 for ones that need a slight barrel adjustment vs ones with nothing.

All that goes on the assumption that the cassette itself is fully and properly installed on the freehub body. So, double-check that would be my recommendation, before going further. Sounds like you did it right, but I have seen slight assembly mistakes lead to real problems. This could the be case for you, especially since you mention the 10t issue. I am guessing and grasping at straws without further info, so may not be all that help, sorry :stuck_out_tongue: