Tacx Flux S - ERG mode issues?

Usually happens when the wattage changes, it suddenly feels like the flywheel is lagging behind and there’s a knock on the pedals. A quick back spin or hard spin up usually sorts it out. Can someone at TR look at my last workout and see what was happening? Any spikes or back spins in the file will be where it happens, I did note the time of a few of them as well - 16:40, 34:10 and 1:25:10 that last one being the worst.

I was in the smallest gear for 99% of the workout - I’ve had the same issue being in the middle of the cassette (but then have issues on the low watt periods)

I know that Tacx have a lot of issues, hopefully this is something I can sort myself as I bought it used so not sure what Tacx are like for used warranty without a receipt?