Sync TrainerRoad indoor trainings to Wahoo app?

Is there a way to do an indoor workout on TR and sync this (completed) workout to the Wahoo app? Just like you can do with Strava? I have a Wahoo rival sports watch since recently, and want to see all of my workouts in Wahoo (instead of Strava).

One fairly easy way would be to start an indoor ride activity from the Rival when you start your TR workout. You can turn off auto upload from the Rival so that it doesn’t get broadcast to all of your other platforms.

I‘m using Wahoo (Rival & ELEMNT Bolt) to upload all workouts that I‘m doing - except for indoor workouts. Using the Rival (simultaneous to TR) to record an indoor workout and turning off workout upload for just this occasion would mean to turn upload off and on again several times a week. This feels like too much hassle, including the chance of forgetting and having to clean up afterwards :wink:

Plus, TR seems to result in a more precise recording. Tried once to record simultaneously, and the Rival data was way off (maybe an error on the user’s side though).