🎉🎉🎉Sync and Analyze Your Runs Now Available to Everyone! 🎉🎉🎉

It’s great to see my runs next to my rides, now there’s only my swims lacking :wink:

On a more serious note: I’m running with Stryd and import my runs “over” Strava. I’m using the Strava privacy settings to hide the start and end of my run, This means I’m only seeing the public part of my runs in Trainerroad. Is there any way to fix this?

Odd - I have both hide start and end and a privacy zone around my house turned on in Strava, but what appears on TR is the full route (which slightly undermines the hiding of it on Strava, but that’s another issue). What does the rest of your privacy set-up on Strava look like?

This is brilliant, well done Trainerroad team.


If this is the case for you, we recommend having your account private.

We defaulted everyone’s account to private a while ago, so you’d have to actively make it public under your account.

Yeah - to be clear - I didn’t mean this was an issue for TR (and my account actually is already private). It’s more of an issue for Strava, in that they may be giving people a false sense of security by giving them the tools to hide parts of their activities without being particularly clear that if you then sync them elsewhere (this happens on other platforms that Strava will sync to too), that layer of security is effectively removed.


I only expose activities to followers, maybe that’s the issue…

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Pleasantly surprised when I opened up TrainerRoad this morning! I assume swimming might be added next?

Good work team :+1:


Always good to see TR developing new features but is there anyway to opt out of this? I opted out when it was in beta. Am i going to have to disconnect Strava?

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I asked this on the Facebook post, but will the synced runs be factored in to the AI progression levels?

There’s not a way to opt out :(.

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Sorta. We have Adaptive Training “very light” in tri plans. If you skip a run, it will have you repeat that workout next week. If you do a run and it uploads to use that day, then we think you did it and you move forrward.

@Nate_Pearson So, let’s say I like the sprint tri plan but want to pepper in some 10ks and half marathons over the year. Would running longer than the actual run workouts screw with this ATLite? Or, is a run a run and that’s all AT cares about right now?

I’m also assuming that longer run (and more TSS) won’t affect the next bike workout…which would actually be nice on occasion rather than needing to fail a workout before AT will act. (Yes, I know, easier said than done…but a boy can dream.)

Great stuff! Do we have long to wait until we can use live workout display for running? Integration with runn devices etc for treadmill?

You should start it off similar to the cycling progression…do a standard 30 mins test have it calculate it for the test. Then as your AI gets better, start having auto calc’d. Manual entry would be great too.

This is great, something that has badly been needed in tr for a long time. Whenever I tell people about how it completely replaces the need for a tri coach when it comes to cycling they always refer back to the swim and runs.
You get that right like you do with clycling and you’re on to a fortune. So many tri coaches at charges £100 a month for an off the shelf programme and one email a week.

Unfortunately my PRs and big mileage weeks came well before the GPS and Strava era. Back then we calculated runs at 7 min pace (even though you were faster) and your training log was written down on paper! Pretty sure school was uphill both ways, in the snow too :rofl:. Would have loved a tool like this back in the day. Great job to you and your crew!

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I’m happy that you developing new functionalities and I understand that you would like to became also training analytical tool but you are not there yet, so please give people option to decide if they want it (it’s not only about being late adapter but having unreadable cluttered calendar is not nice)

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Like most others have said, it’s great to have this functionality.

But, being more of a runner than a cyclist (probably not much of either sadly!), I’d really like a way to choose what activities I can see in the Calendar view. That would allow me to focus on the cycling when I want to without my runs cluttering my vision. Maybe it’s already there and I’ve somehow missed the option?

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As of now, it isn’t looking at power, pace, distance, etc. and is instead just looking at whether you did a run that day. However, if you did a run that wasn’t your scheduled workout and AT automatically associates it with the scheduled workout, you can always go in to your calendar and disassociate that run from the scheduled workout, allowing AT to adjust upcoming workouts so you don’t miss that scheduled workout.

No plans for these features as of now. We have to stay focused on main priorities right now like WLV2. :slight_smile:

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