🎉🎉🎉Sync and Analyze Your Runs Now Available to Everyone! 🎉🎉🎉

Exactly my story, too. 25 years ago fell in love with running but I developed such awful shin splints I couldn’t train for long stretches. Then a buddy asked, “Have you heard about this thing called Ironman?”. Hooked on triathlon since.

This is a great addition for runners who don’t use running power or occasional runners.

For those that do, it is still years behind the competition. Why estimate run TSS? I can have the actual value in Training Peaks, Intervals.icu and Final Surge to name a few.

As a runner who trains with power (and who occasionally uploads to TR), this is definitely not the game changer it is made out to be.

Why not adapt training based on TSS load?

I’ll be sticking with the other platforms until TR joins 2023.

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Actually maybe that’s a bit harsh. I just had high expectations and hopes.

I guess with limited budgets and human resources things take a long time to develop.

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Thanks for understanding :slight_smile: .

There’s lots of runway to improve running support. We’ll keep y’all posted on any development updates.


@Jonathan any update on when WLV2 will be hitting the masses? or at least me? lol

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Thank you for this. Can we port swimming in now as well? This should be much easier since there are no gps data for most

do you have any tips on showing power when using an Apple watch? is there a direct plugin to apple or do we need to go via Strava? I ask because Apple, to my knowledge, does not pass running power to Strava therefore not landing in TR


I’ve used the HealthFit app to sync runs recorded with power on the Apple Watch Fitness app to Strava. Strava itself doesn’t show running power when you look at the run on their website or app, but the data is there and gets synced to TR:

thanks! I was checking a cpuple of runs I did with the Apple watch that I had synced the " Strava import way" and I can’t see power. I will have to try HealhFit App unless TR plugs in directly to Apple Health.

Entry pathways into triathlon;

  • Broken runners (subdivision disillusioned track kids)
  • Burnt out college swimmers
  • Cyclists looking to spend Even More Money

Awesome! Only one (and a half) more sport(s) to go. :wink:

Is there an easy way to clean up the duplicate runs that I laboriously created by hand in TR last season (before I realized that TR wouldn’t do anything with them)?
Screen Shot 2023-01-31 at 1.59.55 PM

According to the announcement, there are 41 million of these duplicates, so seems worth some effort/thought.

Thank you so much for supporting running, and populating the calendar in tri plans :pray::+1::grinning:

This is a case we considered and should be working… Synced runs should be associated with previously Planned Runs. Taking a peek at your account I do see these 2 runs, and others, correctly associating. Did you have to do some manual clean up or has this resolved itself?

Science disputes running being the cause for knee issues…all the more reason to become a triathlete!

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It would be great if TrainNow could take runs into account. As a very occasional runner, there is no way I can do a climbing workout on the following day after a run.


Since TR running imports still expect people to use Strava unfortunately (Hey TR, how about supporting Intervals.icu or HealthFit???) I’ve found a work around to avoid that. If you run with an AppleWatch and in addition have a Garmin or two or three, you can use RunGap on iOS to sync it to your Garmin account as a fake Garmin 945 watch and Garmin will in turn share it with TR. Not ideal, but it works.

There’s also a nice AppleWatch running program that supports TrainingPeaks and FinalSurge structured workouts. It’s called Watchletic. Just tried it today, worked nicely and supports Apple’s running power and run dynamics. All of that got synced to HealthFit which exported it to intervals.icu , TP and FS. Healthfit can actually export to Dropbox. One alternative would be for TR to import from dropbox FIT files.

A year later and not much has changed.

Any plans to auto-calculate run TSS (by power or heart rate (TRIMP) or GAP)?
Also it’s really clumsy to manually add run TSS, especially as you have to click into each run first. Why not have that dialog accessible from calendar?

I don’t see a benefit of run PRs for TR. But importing swims is still missed.