Switching to rollers - and why you should try too

I’ll take a look for sure, and appreciate the suggestion.

The point is, in my case I don’t think the flexibility itself is the crucial topic, even though it is for sure an excellent addition.

The required attention, the stand up feeling, changing gear, power targets, it’ll be similar to the real road for sure. I’ll read and watch something and put some thought on it.

Even a possible honeymoon with the rollers would be great, I just need them for 3 to 4 months anyways heheheh

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I would recommend the Kreitler rollers with the 2.25” drums before using a resistance unit….it is pretty close to a “road feel” in terms of gearing. The resistance progresses pretty normally as you go up in gearing.

Just checked and they are having a Black Friday sale……free shipping to Canada, too.


First ride on them (Elite Quick Motion)

It was challenging at the beginning, but after a few minutes everything was under control. Sipping water, one hand, etc. I need to improve the stand up pedaling though.

The feeling is way better, no saddle soreness and the time went by very quick. Happy with the change.


what was your source of power?

Assioma pedals

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Also did this today morning