Switching to rollers - and why you should try too

Purchased a used Elite Nero for half the price on Craigslist and have been using it for a couple of weeks. As reviews were mixed I had some doubts but so far I am positively surprised. Noise level is a little higher than what I was used to but after experimenting with tire pressure it got to a very acceptable level (and I am sensitive to noise in general). Erg-mode is working well when using power match with bike PM and letting it drive by workout player (not using the integrated Nero function, is much slower). Can manage VO2 max workouts and (seated) sprints and so far have not gone back to fixed trainer for any workout. Best part for me is the added movement that I wanted to reduce lower back issues.


Glad to hear you like it! I’ve had a similar experience with avoiding pain.

I moved the rollers onto a yoga mat and now lo longer need the static discharge wire.


Seems like that would be quite an upgrade. I mean, unless you need the occasional electrical shock to stay in the zone :wink:


Ride in a doorway to get the feel and remember, you’re crashing at 0 MPH.

I’m looking to switch to rollers and am curious about the TacX Galaxia. Has anyone here used these for more intense sessions? Looking for some reassurance (or not) that with an Eagle cassette and with 38t 1x chainring I’ll be able to hit peak watts of at least ~400. Would prefer to avoid the more expensive resistance models if possible.

I have been using Feedback Sports Omnium resistance rollers for years now. Love them. Can easily mount any bike. You are locked in at the fork but the bike feels natural as your still have some movement in the rear. I did not like direct drive trainers and erg mode, I enjoy shifting gears. The resistance is nice and linear, I can easily complete all my structured work. Just following the workout on my Garmin. Plus they fold up into a bag for easy storage.


@cassridesbikes while I don’t own a pair of rollers, but am very roller curious myself, (in particular the Galaxia’s) the answer to your question is likely NO. Watch this very informative video from @GPLama where he mentions approximate max wattage… about the 2:00 and 9:00 marks he mentions 250 to 270 watts max…

That said, I have also seen videos of adjustable resistance units that CAN be added to these rollers that may get you up to the higher wattages you are looking for!

Good luck!

That mod on the TacX is sick! I think I’ll go that route and report back here…

Do make sure to check on the wheelbase of your bike in comparison to the roller length. Some rollers don’t extend long enough to fit the much longer geo of modern MTB’s.

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Anyone heard or seen any updates that indicate Elite releasing a updated Nero roller?

Not really, no, but I would even say that the Nero’s are a bit overkill. I’d be more than happy with the QuickMotion rollers that are half the price. Jonathan has ridden them for years and still recommends them!

Ive got Kreitlers 2.25" drum now and love them. Wanted to see about the enhanced resistance with the Nero’s

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I was looking for some threads covering the Kreitler 2.25 rollers, in order to give them some praise. I am about to do a session on them. I got the flywheel, and I find the resistance ample. I can happily achieve 200W with something like 34/18 at 85rpm. I am using mine with Rotor Inpower cranks.

I would not recommend rollers for FTP testing though, as crash risk is pretty high on rollers if you are trying to hit your maximum power output. But sub threshold efforts on rollers provide a nice break from being locked into a trainer.


I need to confess that I didn’t read all the topic, but it catches my attention as I have the same feeling of static trainers. It’s so painful for me spend 90min of workout that I almost never do it. It’s definetly not enjoyable, I do it because outside is -20C with 1mt of snow. And yes, I have a fatbike.

I liked the idea of the rollers, but I don’t want (have pocket in fact) for buying a fancy smart roller.

What you guys with more experience on that can tell me. A very basic roller such as Tacx Antares for some SS, Tempo and even threshold would work?

I have a giant TCR and faveros will be the power source.

Have you considered a rocker plate or even some foam blocks under your current trainer to add some flex?

It’s possible to improve comfort for fixed trainers via methods like this without needing to use actual rollers for similar relief.


With standard diameter drums, it becomes increasingly difficult to hit higher workout levels…some of it will depend on your gearing ( you’ll need road gearing), but even then it can be difficult to hit threshold stuff.

You can do things like using a towel under one of the drums to increase resistance or run very low psi, but I always found such hacks annoying.


that’d be another possibility, I’ve been hearing really good things.

Any idea where could I start looking?

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52x36 - 11x30 is my gear.

My ftp is 285 currently, so my SS sessions would be 250, Z2 rides 200.

I see an elite arion mag (I think that’s the name) which is magnetic, it “holds” something like 500w. Although the price increase is something to consider, +/- 500 CAD.

My topic here is a start.

That has a bunch of basic info along with links to my master Google doc and Facebook group.

We can continue more detailed discussion in that rocker topic to dive deeper if you’d like.