Switching to rollers - and why you should try too

Purchased a used Elite Nero for half the price on Craigslist and have been using it for a couple of weeks. As reviews were mixed I had some doubts but so far I am positively surprised. Noise level is a little higher than what I was used to but after experimenting with tire pressure it got to a very acceptable level (and I am sensitive to noise in general). Erg-mode is working well when using power match with bike PM and letting it drive by workout player (not using the integrated Nero function, is much slower). Can manage VO2 max workouts and (seated) sprints and so far have not gone back to fixed trainer for any workout. Best part for me is the added movement that I wanted to reduce lower back issues.


Glad to hear you like it! I’ve had a similar experience with avoiding pain.

I moved the rollers onto a yoga mat and now lo longer need the static discharge wire.


Seems like that would be quite an upgrade. I mean, unless you need the occasional electrical shock to stay in the zone :wink:


Ride in a doorway to get the feel and remember, you’re crashing at 0 MPH.