Anyone here using the ROAM for MTB? I’m finding that the GPS positioning leaves a lot to be desired as far as distance calculation and segment tracking especially in densely wooded areas. Not sure if I should get a Garmin or not. I don’t have these issues riding with it on the road under tree cover.

Not sure if the fact that I keep it in my pocket next to my phone has anything to do with it, but I did this with my BOLT and I don’t recall it having so many issues. Yes I am using a wheel speed sensor.

Wahoo will not do anything for me since I bought the unit second hand

my wahoo roam is horrible for Strava live segments. It drops the segment (due to slightly wandering gps I assume) 90% of the time. I live in an area with thick tree cover and mountains, It even drops it on the road bike where theres a clear view of the sky directly above me

Can you add a speed sensor? This will at least help for total distance and speed. Won’t help for Live Segments though.

I have a Wahoo Roam and I agree the MTB and mapping isn’t ideal. Sometimes even on the road it is tricky for me to see distances to junctions with those black chevrons but the backup is the written notices. On the MTB is is tough to see those when you have technical terrain, I don’t seem to lose the signal but if you do try to change the GPS satalite feed to GPS - GLONASS or whatever it is at to the other one for better accuracy.

Is there a way to change that somehow? I haven’t found a setting for it

Hmmm I had a quick look and couldn’t find it although I know you can do this on a Garmin.