Which XD Freehub Driver for Roval Terra C Wheels?

Hi all, I have a newer diverge (expert) with Roval Terra C wheels. The bike was spec’d with an 11-50 SRAM NX cassette. I want to upgrade the cassette to something lighter, but I know I need to change the freehub body. According to Specialized’s website, the Terra C wheels have a DT 370 hub with the “new star ratchet system,” whatever that means. Which XD driver do I need to purchase to upgrade the cassette on this bike? Thanks for the help.

You need the one called “Ratchet LN.”

Looks like they can be hard to find…


Mikes bikes is showing one in stock for order FYI.

Also, AFAIK there is no disadvantage to going for an XDR freehub (vs. XD) for an application like this right, since one can use an XD cassette with a spacer.

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Good call, XDR might even be better in case you ever want to use the wheels with a road cassette

Thanks for the info. Would any XDR freehub body work, or is a specific one needed?

It needs to be the DT Swiss Ratchet LN

Here’s the XD from Mike’s. I can’t find any XDRs

Aluminum, XDR Road (Fits Ratchet LN Pre-Converted 12x142mm TA Road Hubs)

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Please check with DT to confirm, but I believe this would be the XDR freehub for your wheels


So I bought the one from Mike’s Bikes and it came today. It’s obviously used, which isn’t really an issue, but the threads on it are kinda thrashed and one of the bearings is gritty/ crunchy. I’ll have to send it back.