Can’t get freehub off Kickr

I have the latest Kickr and want to swap the standard 11 speed freehub body to an XDR one for a bike with SRAM AXS. The problem is that having removed the retaining nut for the freehub body it won’t slide off. It won’t even move a tiny bit. Has anyone run into this problem and is there a way to get it off without damaging anything? Thanks

Chances are good that you have some amount of “gouging” on the freehub body. Some of the cogs may have dug into the grooves, and are possibly resistance the normal sideways removal.

If you are swapping to the XDR, you should just yank the entire body and cassette out anyway.

  • A light “tap” with a plastic mallet may help dislodge the cogs from the grooves. You may want to wait until removal in the next step, to tap it.
  • Once you have the Shimano based one off, setting it on the open end to the ground or bench, and then pushing down with cogs should get them off.

Thanks. Not sure whether I’m misunderstanding but I’m not struggling to get the cassette off the freehub body. I’m struggling to get the freehub body off the trainer’s axle. I think it needs brute force but I can’t figure out a way of applying it.

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OK, I misread and covered the wrong issue.

Check to see if you have followed these steps:

Takes a firm hand to get it out.


Yep. So he has to pull quite hard to get the freehub body off the Kickr, whereas mine just won’t move at all, however hard I pull. I’m out of ideas for how to get it to slide off, hence the post to see if anyone had figured out a way.

I replaced the freehub body on my Tacx Neo. I had to pry it off with various screwdrivers. No way it was coming off by hand.

On the Neo, there’s a bearing press fit into the freehub body that’s supposed to slip fit onto the axle. The bearing had distorted to the point where it was dragging on the axle quite badly.

The new freehub slid right on effortlessly.

Sweet tip to use the plastic cassette holder to slide it off, no more sorting out all the cogs when swapping cassettes!

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I wonder if you could use a strap wrench and pull it a bit at an angle. Could get some good leverage on it

Will try screwdrivers. There’s not much of a gap to get them into and don’t want to damage anything but I’ll see how goes.

Success! Screw drivers in behind did the tricks. Thanks for the suggestions.

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