Swimmers / Triathletes - Form Goggles?

I’m guessing they are going to add heart rate to the goggles

I doubt they have the sales volume to go to Garmin hardware model.

Sadly a subscription model means I weigh it up against swim club membership, which includes pool access generally.

I enjoyed the first plans I used, arm strength something but as I’ve moved to increase you pace ones, and now improve your form score I’m less certain. I’m doing a half iron plan next and that will be the decider.

I think I have got faster, which should be the key thing…

Sounds about right, judging by the app update they just released:

Maybe integrated GPS too (or compass?) based on that SwimStraight feature.

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Eh, seems like a really incremental release: https://www.formswim.com/products/smart-swim-2-goggles

Integrated heart rate, smaller electronics, supposedly more comfortable eye cups, and not much else. All the new software features (even the SwimStraight one) seem to be supported on the previous goggles. The battery on mine is dying so I was thinking of picking up a new pair, but I might as well get the old ones since they’re still for sale and I already have the HRM for them. I’ll wait for @dcrainmaker’s review, though, maybe I’ll splurge on the new ones if they’re truly more comfortable.


I’m waiting to see what folks say about the new eye cups. Also, the replacement straps are practically disposable so hoping they upgraded those.

Gotta say, that SwimStraight feature looks very compelling. I don’t wear my Form goggles for races but this is making me consider it.

I’m not sure how I feel about these.
I’ve got the V1’s and enjoy them and always swim with them it’s the subscription model that’s giving me pause. When I got mine they had the 1 year free, and I’m reaching the end of that.

The new ones only having 2 months free, rather than the year gives me pause. If it was a year I’d probably go for it.

Realistically I think I’ll end up with these, I’m off the opinion that more data is always better and having (accurate) HR is useful. And I can probably flick my V1’s off to a friend for cheap to make some money back.

The swim straight feature looks pretty good too, I’ve worn my Form for one race and decided never again after that, it didn’t give any useful information and seeing the distance move so slowly ended up demotivating me by the end :sweat:

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Oh yeah, I think having the distance in there during a race would be maddening. Can you make it show the HeadCoach stuff during a race? I’d probably use that and/or the compass just to have something to focus on instead of staring at the deep…

Probably, I used it once and then got 20 meters in and regretted my life choices and couldn’t do anything to change it. I think you can set an open water dashboard to show different things.

Im out.

Watched the review, thanks @dcrainmaker :slight_smile:

SwimStraight wants/needs you to sight every 20 seconds so I’m not sure how much it’s helping. Sure, I’ve done plenty of swims where I have no idea where I’m going sighting or not and it would give some assurance.

But if you have to remember your compass directions at each point in the race…again I’m not sure it’s going to help me.

It’s going to give newbies confidence they won’t get lost, but I’m not convinced there’s a performance benefit here.

I can think of a few races where, sighting into the sun through foggy goggles with my bad eyesight, having a compass heading to feel extra confident I’m not going off course would have been very useful, it’s just a bummer that it requires a subscription. It betrays such a lack of confidence in their product offering that they don’t think the training plans or the app itself are worth the 20 bucks or whatever so they have to artificially hamstring their hardware.