Swimmers / Triathletes - Form Goggles?

I’m holding out for Apple Vision.

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A few months in, I’ve found these really useful.

The new feature of Headcoach is a very interesting development.

I’m starting 4 weeks of the Improve your pace - High Volume plan, to
Go into the 8 week Step Up your pace - High Volume plan.

They look like they’re on a very TrainerRoad-like path.

Has anyone reviewed the plans?

I’m using the Ironman plan now. it’s pretty good and I’ve been playing with the Head Coach thing a bit. Very interesting, if for nothing else getting me to focus on small, bad habits during my breathing.

I admit to adapting the workouts some and I wish they had a bit more flexibility in the scheduling, maybe allowing for a substitute workout, etc, since the program doesn’t know or factor in other activities. I hope they go the way of TrainerRoad and actively loop in their users on a high level.

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I’ve just requested similar, I need my second workout of the week to be a shorter version of the same workout.
I might try skipping some warm ups and cool-down intervals next time to stay in plan.

They’ve done some good podcasts with Brian Johns on Effortless Swimming.

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There may be an option on the app to substitute a shorter workout on the day…I need to look at that closer next time I’m at the pool.

You can add the shorter version of the workout on to the goggles (1 of up to 5 that saves on the goggles). But I’m pretty sure that my not doing the session as prescribed it will go down as a missed session in the plan… If you are bothered by that at all?

You’ll need to add the workout to the goggles via the app and sync prior to the session.

Sorry if that sounds pretty basic and obvious. Hopefully it helps others who might be new to Form

Yeah, support confirmed you can’t alter the planned workout size. Have to add it separately as you’ve directed.

First week done - three swims and 7111m. Feels a lot harder than the distance suggests.

Interesting to see folks thoughts on this. My swimmers would not be happy that i am teaching them how to use the clock, and then i would show up this piece of tech :slight_smile: .

A lot of people are resistant to tech, and no tech is mandatory.

My solo training is transformed. No doubt about it. Just like following a TR plan or workout. As good as most master sessions I’ve done, but not as good as the best ones.

Club sessions are enhanced from the live feedback.

I’ve only used the Headcoach feature twice, and it’s pretty good but I’m focussed on the workouts themselves at the moment.

Also, much fewer errors than a Garmin watch.

Doesn’t enhance anything for breast, back or fly yet though.

There’s good technique support through the app, and a fair few episodes of Effortless Swimming with Brian Johns explains things.

Like TR, you need to set aside your swim days and be consistent. I dabbled with them from July, only recently started a three per week, (their largest volume) 4 week swim plan and it’s been hard but satisfying work so far. On such a short time span I don’t think the needle will move much, so success will be more on enjoyment I think.

Workout are proper workouts; warm up, pre main, main, warm down. Plenty of variety most of the time with drills and toys.

They encourage you to do some analysis of numbers and guide you on what to look at, and what drills to correct things you find.

There is some maturity to go through like TR went through, adjusting workouts, adjusting plans, I’ve only found one workout I thought had something wrong. There’s no feedback like TR have, but the email support is pretty good. Oh, and they don’t sync into Garmin (or TR) so Garmin centred users have to dual record. Strava centred users are covered though.


I just started using form swim goggles. So far I like them. The instant feedback is helpful. I have only done a few of the head coach workouts. I apparently already had decent head position.

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