Sweetspot base plan volume mid 2 why so many vo2max and FTP in this period?


Today i started with sweetspot base plan volume mid 2. Why there are so many vo2max and FTP workouts in this period? I think thats more for build fase etc. Now its winter time and my next courses are in april 2021…

thnx in advance

There aren’t any VO2 max workouts in SSBMV1, and only one threshold workout p/w (and most of these don’t have a massively challenging IF).

how many hours a week are you riding, and any outside? TR SSB MV plans do have a lot of intensity.

Sorry it is volume 2…my fault

6-10 hours a week. I think 3 times indoor and 1-2 times outdoor, depends on the weather.

I agree with you about the amount of intensity. One option that is discussed - switch to low-volume (TR 3 days/week) and add outside or inside zone 2 / aerobic endurance rides.


No problem, easily done. This sounds more like a timing issue as to when you put these plans onto the calendar. Seems like you’ve started base quite early. You could always repeat the 2nd half of SSBMV1 or pad out with some sweetspot workouts.

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thank you.

Last week i did 3x20min SST, sunday restday, yesterday Strength in gym and today again SST 3x20 was the plan, but i failt after 2x20. So i look at the calender and saw a lot of vo2max and FTP in this stadium…i think thats hard with 2 times gym and SST work…

I dont use the SST training from TR, because i believe that i have to increase Time in Zone. TR plan starts with 3x12min etc…

But when i switch to low volume, i see the rides get harder, so thats more intensive next to gym work?

Yeah, partly in order to figure out strength and cycling I’ve switched to being a coached athlete. Right now my intervals are pretty short and not worrying about doing long sweet spot work (that will start in another block or two or three). Combining TR plans with strength was beyond my trial and error skills. I’m at the point where its possible to do gym and cycling on the same day, twice a week, and put down 8-11 hours cycling. Progress. So I’d say look at dialing the intervals back, depending on your specific event timing.

Good luck!

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yes i think 3x20 is to long in combination with gym strength. Maybe i will go back to 3x12 SST etc and build it up in the end of the winter. No i will focus on strength. Gym at the same day as cycling is a good idea, otherwise i could never get a restday.

Thanks for your help! Good luck to!

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There is a Coach Tim Cusick WKO webinar “Building Fatigue Resistance” and IMHO a couple key takeaways for season planning:

  • always be doing aerobic endurance (zone2)
  • start building aerobic power and muscular endurance with tempo
  • progress time-in-zone
  • continue progressing with advanced aerobic development using sweet spot and threshold

one coaches opinion, and worth considering that its more than just sweet spot time-in-zone. And personally I do believe TR has some very good progressions. I save my longer sweet spot work for the weekends. During the week many are time constrained, myself included, and nothing inherently wrong with starting 3x12 SS. Of course you might have unusually good muscular and aerobic endurance, and need to adjust. But for many mere mortals that are also doing gym work, 3x12 SS is decent place to start after extending tempo out a good bit.


I use wko5 and follow the webinars from Tim Cusick. Good reminder. I will watch it again! I will do zone 2 endurance and tempo outdoor in the weekend, but looking for endurance and SST work on Zwift for in the week 1.5 hours. I dont like to long blocks because the lack of variance…

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@bbarrera extra question:

In the webinar from Tim they talk about tempo and z2 etc. But is there room for FTP and Vo2max work? I think with one FTP workout in 2 weeks i can maintain my FTP.

What is your opinion?

My opinion - questions like this are another reason I hired a coach! Totally serious!

Hoping someone else comes along with a more informed opinion.

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Because their plans rely on the “you must ride harder if you can’t ride longer” philosophy.

So in their base phases they have you doing Threshold and vo2 all the time because you don’t have enough time to ride 20 hours per week.

I don’t agree with this strategy but that is how they are designed and why you’re riding that hard right now. I think it is a recipe for mental fatigue, but that’s just me.