Sweet spot just rebranded steady state?

Are these the same thing? Steady state is usually longer efforts but SP can be as well. Is there much of a difference?

What is steady state?

“example of an interval set might be three 10-minute SteadyState intervals separated by 5 minutes of easy spinning recovery. During the intervals, ride at a steady pace that is 90-95% of you FTP.”

@Humunuku steady state is aerobic exercise. I’ve always associated it with Z2-ish and/or basically not HIIT.

@Lennyeddy SST is between high Z3 and low Z4 or 84-97% FTP. I suppose steady state can be used with SST but, SST is definitely a specific %FTP.

Thanks. Everything about them looks the same to me but I’m definitely not smart enough to understand the different nuances between the 2.

Well, you can do steady state Z1, Z2, Z3 etc…but, SST is not Z1, Z2, Z3 etc…make sense?

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That’s CTS lingo.

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Gotcha, for some reason every steady state workout I’ve noticed are all in the 90-95% range but they can be done at any zone. Makes sense. Thanks.

May be. Just copied and pasted from Google.

Direct quote from here:

And definition here:


Basically the same as Sweet Spot. The phrase sweet spot was coined by Frank Overton of FasCat coaching. He uses a wider power range than TrainerRoad. CTS uses a narrower power range for SteadyState. But pretty much the same.

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