Time in Zone for sweet spot


Yesterday i did a SST with 3x 20min sweetspot and 5min rest in between.
When i analyse afterwards i was dissapointed about the time in zone for SS. My zones are: tempo 210-246, SS 246-263 and FTP 263-293.

first block: 20min 249w avg 89% FTP
sec block 20min 253w avg 90% FTP
third block: 21min 248w avg. 88.5% FTP

Because the outdoor circumstances with corners, wind etc it is difficult to stay exactly 20min in SS.
After this ride time in zone:
Tempo: 24:04
SS: 17:24
FTP: 13:53

Heartrate stayed in the good zone.

Do i have to ride more in SS for a better training, or is this normal?


this is very normal for outside conditions, did your avg power and normalized power closely match? in my experience for outside rides if you can get the two to line up approximately that’s good enough.

Here’s one of mine. Avg and normalised closely matched and tried to stay in SS zone as much as possible.


@Klaw thnx

Lap 1: avg 249w, xpower: 247w (xpower is np in golden cheetah)
Lap 2: avg 253w, xpower: 250w
Lap 3: avg 248w, xpower: 245w


For me this is very close. It is very similar to the trainer even in erg mode. Power is simply fluctuating.

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I try to do a lot of workouts outside and I generally end up with 70-80% of the time I intended to spend actually in a particular zone. A lot depends on the terrain, stop signs, turns, traffic, etc. where I end up for time in zone. Around home it’s closer to 70% but if I drive an hour where it’s flatter terrain it’s closer to 80%. NP and average power will be in the target range with a VI of 1.0-1.02. HR is in the proper range although there are times it drops it a bit quickly. Time in zone is something I check every workout but as long as I push for the intended time within a prescribed power range AND hit the prescribed TSS for the workout (or very close to it) I call it a successful workout.

Just for comparison, when I do a workout indoors on my KICKR in ERG mode I’m in the target zone for about 95% of the time.

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looks good, if you’re using a garmin you can download this add in which i’ve found useful for staying in zone.

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thnx, using a Garmin, but a old edge 800…no IQ.

I think the problem is that the SS zone is really small instead of Tempo and FTP.
SS 246-263 (17w in between)
Tempo 210-246 (36w in between)
FTP 263-293 (30w in between)

I tink thats make it tough to stay correctly in the zone.


Hi all, am new to structured training & I’ve just restarted SSBHV2 again after 6 weeks, dedicating 13-15hrs per week. FTP increased from 233-245 (3,13-3.31 W/KG). Happy with increased capacity to suffer & deliver all workouts 100%, even upping intensity at times by 5-10%.

My objective is to finish 24hr MTB rides in decent condition (I ride 10-12hr MTB rides once a month & 4-6 rides at least once a month) & I think I’ve already got a decent endurance base. My A event is in March 2021, 1600km (994miles) in 9 days, so my focus is to continue building an ultra endurance base while including some Threshold & VO2 max bits, for at least another 6 weeks.

My issue: recently realised that in workouts where I do not increase intensity on all intervals to around 105% I spend a long time in recovery zone (35-40%) relative to the target SS zone ( 30-35%). In my head I could be using a bit more recovery time in Z2 (no real substance behind this thought)

Question: is the more recovery time in SS zones normal? is my FTP under assessed i.e. am I not working hard enough? am I getting ahead of myself & should wait for the Build Phase to really measure my strengths?

I’d really appreciate some advice here. Thank you

The FTP test is better suited to those that are good at holding onto VO2 efforts. You sound as if you have good base. So Sweetspot workouts feel okay. The reason that the recovery efforts are low is they are designed to ensure you can finish the workouts. Can you imaging riding 40mins at 94% of FTP would be demanding possibly achievable with effort. The but is what about next again day… etc. So TR is designed to allow you to train daily even. As the plans go on the intervals get longer and the rest in between get shorter. You can do the Ramp test anytime if you think your FTP is not correct. If You are adding 5-10% to workouts , you are possibly not got the correct FTP dialed in. I am doing LEL next year so using TR for that, it has worked well for me this year.

Thanks mate I appreciate.

Did the first ramp test carrying some fatigue, gave me 243. Recently did a 20min test 2 days after a 2hr 179TSS ride in which I rode 30min in anaerobic & vo2max%.

I changed to the 20min test as I felt I could pace better, to which I did & feel I could’ve gone higher ave. So in essence, I do feel somewhat that my ftp is understated & that my training zones are incorrectly set & wondering whether it’s wise to up it by another 2-3W & keep at SS workouts at 100% intensity & see how things go or keep the ftp at 245 & increase workout intensity to 105-110%

you’re really close to the mark, but if you can finish these no problem, start working some threshold efforts at that duration!


Hi Again

I did the same i felt i was not quite there… I added 1 -2 watts a week and managed the workouts, my FTP increased … Yippee… I have reached a bit of a peak just now because… Working out after 3 months at higher FTP is hard work… Do not get me wrong i am faster on the road. I manage the workouts, 120% VO2 max and threshold… Am i enjoying it… Sometimes… So be careful. We can out think what we are capable of. Saying that 307 km this weekend + 2700m of climbing is what i am doing on Sat… And its going to be windy.
Hope the other 4 guys i am riding with (never met) want to work together. Audax event under new rules, i am off in group ONE so i guess we are the rabbits and hares ??

Ok cool, after this morning’s Geiger + 3 where I enjoyed working at 105% i manually upped the ftp by 2w, will keep that & see how the next few days pan out. I just need to make sure that I’m working at the correct energy systems.

All the best for that 307km, sounds exciting. I’m doing similar 300km MTB next weekend.

Thanks @C10oky & @Brendan, happy riding!

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