Sweet Spot Base Training for 100K MTB Race

I am considering signing up for the Mohican 100K MTB (6827 ft’ climbing) on June 1. Here is my training plan that I’ll have completed by June 1.

5 Weeks: of Bkool rides (roughly 3-5 hrs/week, 60-80 mi per week, 500-1500 ft climbing per ride.)
8 Weeks: Sweet Spot Training Base 1 Mid Volume (had to extend a couple weeks for vacations, and repeated weeks instead of skipping)
7 Weeks: Sweet Spot Training Base 2 Mid Volume (same goes for a repeat here due to timing)

Prior to this training I haven’t ridden xc in 7 years. Finally got a Smart trainer a few months ago!

Question: I am just looking to finish the race without injury, is my bkool base plus my SS training enough that I’ll have the endurance to do so? This would be my first 100K and I’m uncertain of what to expect physically or if doing a 100K would be pushing it too hard for the training I’ve completed so far.

Any thoughts/advice would be greatly appreciated!

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From someone who failed miserably at SM100 last year, I think the importance of long outdoor MTB rides can’t be overstated. Those are what is going to tell you about fueling and bike fit which are super important. If those rides can be on the course, then all the better. It will also give you a reality check on your goal. As you get closer to the race, if you can’t get through half the course distance/climbing in a single ride and feel “ok” afterward, then I think it’ll be a real struggle…


@Notso - Appreciate the advice. I’ll make it a priority to head to the course for my outdoor weekend rides. The weather is finally starting to break up here in Cleveland so I’m looking forward to riding somewhere besides my basement!

Given that the race is coming up fairly quickly, you don’t have the time to do the traditional Base - Build - Specialty approach, so focusing on Sweet Spot Base seems reasonable.

I haven’t raced the Mohican 100k, but am familiar with it and some of the course. The 25 mile single track of Mohican is basically right at the start of the race. This is going to have some very different demands compared to SSB rides with a lot of short, hard punchy efforts. If you could get out and ride Mohican once a week leading up to the event, I think this would really help you prepare. You also might want to mix in some of the road sections at an easy pace after riding the single track loop to get in a little extra distance. The rest of your training with SSB should help with the other parts of the race including the long road sections.

Good luck in the race! It should be a ton of fun. I was planning to do it this year but it conflicts with Wilmington Whiteface. However I’ll be doing some weekend rides out at Mohican in the coming weeks. I’ll be on either a green Niner RKT 9 RDO or a multicolor Air 9 RDO.

If you stick to the training, and know how to pace yourself, then you will be fine with what you have done. I do agree with the outside weekemd ride, but be careful you are not overdoing the intensity and cooking yourself, which will effect your next weeks ride.
Volume 2 of sweet spot has some vo2 max stuff, ehich will help on the punchy stuff, and enough musxular endurance to help with aby long climbs. Again, pace yourself, if you are huffing and puffing just to keep up, then you are going too hard. 100km on a mtb is a long day, and if its your first in a while, and with only SSB training under your belt, ride it like a weekend adventure ride, rather than a race.
Good luck and enjoy it.

@Kuttermax - All good info to know, and it’s nice to know that I’m on the right track training-wise in order to potentially complete the race. I’ll be heading out there as often as I can leading up to it! I’ll be on a black/white BMC teammachine - hope to see you out there. Good luck at Wilmington Whiteface!

@Ptpete - Glad to hear that about SSB2 as I’m not on schedule to start that for a couple more weeks. I’m trying to keep expectations somewhat low as to not overdo it and I’ll make pacing myself a priority.

Thank you both for the tips and encouragement!

So like you I have signed up for the Big Frog 65 at the end of April.

I went through SSB MV1 and 2. And am currently doing the LVSPB and adding in 1 long ride outdoors on trails. Started that ride at 2 hours and by the time the race gets here I will be up to a 5 hour ride on the bike once a week and into my rest week on the LVSPB. I have never done a race longer than 35 miles so I am in the unknown. Based off the advice I was given on here and other places this seemed to be the best plan. I signed up late so I won’t get to do the specialty phase. I’ll let you know how it shakes out. I did sign up for a “B” race first weekend in April for a test to see how everything feels. But like you I just want to finish the race. No podiums here. :sunglasses:


@mike091979 - Looking forward to hearing how it works out for you. I will be tacking on the long ride every weekend outdoors starting in Mid-April, hoping the trails by me open up by then.

Definitely keep me posted how it went post-race, and best of luck to you!