Sweet Spot Base Low Volume is Too Much!

Coming back to riding after a long break I have to call myself a beginner in terms of my strength, training discipline, and the tenderness of my butt.

I’d like to dial back the 60,60,90 minute workouts to something shorter and gradually ramp them up. Right now, I find myself skipping workouts because it feels like too much. I trust that as I adapt, I’ll want more.

Jonathan recently mentioned that his brother did something like this.

What’s the best way to use TrainerRoad to do this?


Scroll down on the workout page and look at the variants that is listed as “xxxxx -1” or “xxxxx -2”. Rather do one of them properly than skip a workout.



Be careful just doing this blindly though. In your example here Antelope -5 is actually harder than Antelope -4 because its the same intervals with less rest so has a higher IF. You can’t just assume because it’s shorter it’s easier.

Is it the time commitment or the intensity that’s too much for you at the moment? If it’s the intensity you could look at traditional base low volume as a way to ease yourself into things (although that is more time commitment) or the time crunch plans (under the enthusiast section of the speciality phase) for less time on the bike per week?


Wouldn’t a ramp test generate a “lower ftp” for you and that way it adjusts the intensity for your workouts?

If it’s the amount of time that’s bothering you, perhaps you can replicate and adjust the workouts with the workout creator so that they better suite you.
I do have to add that I have never used the workout creator myself, but I would imagine that the above is possible.

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My concern is more time in the saddle than the intensity. Intensity is fun! At the right dosage. I do have to watch for overstressing my joints.

As a beginner, I’d rather do a short ride every day to establish the habit, as opposed to a longer ride 3 days per week. Then gradually build up from there.

I’m so far below most people’s fitness level that I really want to just establish consistency and habit.


If you want to do short rides most days of the week, do one of the time crunched plans. Here’s a link to the time crunched 30, mid volume. 5 days a week, 30 minutes a ride. There’s also an option for the same, but 45 minutes, if you want to perhaps do that at some point.

Time Crunch 30: Mid Volume

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Jim - That is what I’m doing. I started with Taku everyday and will substitute longer rides like Birch and Black next week. In the 3rd week I’ll substitute a ride with some intensity and a longer endurance ride. Check my adaption in the 4th week and expect that I’ll be ready for SSB LV in the 5th week. Reestablishing the training habit is more than just the time on the trainer. It includes nutrition and recovery and lots other details. Slow and steady will get you there.

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@JimV, I remember feeling the same way when I first signed up for TR a few years ago. I couldn’t believe that the weekend rides lasted a full 90 minutes! Now that seems like a rather short ride compared to some of the weekend rides in mid-volume plans. :smile:

I’d suggest the time crunch plans if you need to adapt to shorter rides and want to follow something. If you’re trying to get used to spending 60 minutes on the trainer during the week, then you could also search the library for rides less than 60 and play around with those. There are plenty in there to be had!

Also, just saying that the Ramp Test is usually only about 25 minutes, so you could just do that three times a week. :joy:

Thanks for all the ideas! I’ve tried a few. What I’ve settled on (unless I change my mind) is doing the Mid Volume Base I but using the workout creator to edit the workouts. I need the habit of regular workouts but a gentler introduction.

The workout creator makes this really easy. For instance I can just grab an interval and delete it. It’s pretty awesome.


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