Sweet Spot 2 after Sweet Spot 1?

So, I will be completing mid volume sweet spot 1 Feb 10. I will at that point have 9 weeks until a gravel race of 36mi. Is it recommended to always follow sweet spot 1 with sweet spot 2, or should I go into build phase?

SS2 is much less SS and more threshold/over-unders so it is a different beast. A lot depends on whether or not this is just a race or your A race and also what level of fitness you are at.

Depending on the answers either could be a good choice.

Sorry not to be too precise but more information is needed to be specific

That helps! THANKS! I Took almost all Nov/Dec off. It is my favorite race, but maybe over/underrs in SSB2 will be helpful.

Barry Roubaix??


Sounds like Barry to me. I’ll be there as well.


Absolutely DO Sweet Spot Base 2!

Do not skip it after only doing Sweet Spot Base 1. Doing so and jumping into Build without SSB2 would be a pretty big shock.

  • SSB2 is a HUGELY important prep-step for Build.


This was covered in the PodCast (possibly Ep192). But don’t quote me…

The gist was that SSB2 was MORE important for going into Build than SSB1, and IF there was an option to miss one part or the other, then part 2 would be more beneficial than 1 (given a reasonable level of fitness)


Thanks everyone for the input!

Listening to the episode today and I heard the answer to this question.
SS2 is the way to go

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Direct link to the related section.

  • "That’s the one plan I wish nobody would skip. Even if you bypass SSB1, please to SSB2." Coach Chad

This is great! I don’t know what I like better!? Trainer road or the forum! Thanks again, all!

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TrainerRoad App/Service Greatness = TrainerRoad Forum Greatness

IMHO, they are both amazing, and that’s mainly because of the people behind each of them.

  • This is the best cycling community I know, and really close for communities in general.
  • Really, really great people all around.
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I’m in the middle of SSB2 and am really struggling with it. I’ve had to turn the dial down a couple of times and failed to finish once.

Is it supposed to be this difficult. I’m hitting max heart rate, the legs are burning hard and I feel like I’m failing.

If it’s normal, then cool. I’ll persevere.

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Thing to remember is that SSB2 is not Sweet Spot – it’s Threshold and VO2max.

In LV2 it’s ~14% SS work; in MV2 it’s ~30% SS work; in HV2 it’s 100% SS work.

So yes, you will find the workouts more difficult because it’s a jump up in intensity from purely Sweet Spot workouts your body is used to. Keep on truckin’, you’ll also get used to the harder work. :+1:


Ok fantastic. It’s certainly hitting my limits.

I’ve found that I need to prepare better for SSB2 workouts. I tried one fasted. That was a big fail.

I know it’ll help, so I’ll power on.

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