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I currently use TrainingPeaks to keep track of the activities I have done and plan any upcoming activities. I would like to move this into TrainingRoad instead because of the great integration with the training plans and the better user interface. What is stopping me is the missing support for some other major endurance sports like XC Skiing.

Would it be possible to allow XC Skiing as an activity type in TrainerRoad and allow syncing of these activities with Strava?

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I would love to see support for this, and also support for rowing/canoeing.


This is a huge blind spot for TR IMO. I know they are waiting on some better ways to analyze the data but even a simple data import and maybe an RPE TSS estimation would be ‘good enough’.

AFAIK you still can’t sync runs, swims or lifts either.


I am fairly certain we have an existing request for this, but am having trouble finding it right now. Maybe @IvyAudrain has it handy?

Related request, and one of the most popular that I expect will take top priority over other non-cycling ones:

Making sure we cover all the bases, this is actually possible right now: (Other Activity, Other setting)

You can enter and Estimated and Actual Intensity, which along with the duration, gives you an estimated TSS that gets included with the TR data.

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True but I was referring more to the syncing of activities automatically from Strava or Garmin. So that runs would essentially function much like rides with no power data. Where it syncs then you are able to add TSS to it. So that you don’t have to manually add it. It’s minor but, if you forget, having the activity already there with a little ‘Estimate TSS’ badge like the rides do would be very helpful to a lot of people.

Actually showing a proper icon for the activity (skiing, rowing etc) and list it with the proper name also makes sense. Now you have to write that in the activity title.

Just a thought… TR grabs my workouts automatically from my Garmin uploads. Even my unscheduled outdoor rides, like last night hitting the local MTB trails. That is awesome.

It would be nice if it also grabbed my cross-training workouts. Rowing, Stairclimbing, Running. I know these probably shouldn’t inform the Adaptive logic (or maybe eventually the TRIMP/Stress could be taken into account). But even if those don’t do anything in terms of adjusting the TR plan, it would be nice to see those efforts on the Calendar. Just as headlights into the training done during the week… Maybe even shaded with a different color to indicate these are just informational blocks, not influencing TR.


I merged your request with the related one from the day before.

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