🎉 🏊 🎉 NEW Early Access Feature: New Sport Types Supported by Activity Sync 🎉 🏊 🎉

Calling all multisport athletes, swimmers, and doers of any other types of training!

New sport types are officially available for Early Access on the website (coming soon to apps)! :tada:

These new sport types show you a FULL look at your training history which is now used to help inform Red Light Green Light, our intelligent fatigue prevention feature. It does this by automatically importing, displaying, and analyzing ALL sport types supported by Strava and Garmin.

What new sport types are supported?

  • Swim (!!!)
  • Transition
  • Walk
  • Hike
  • Strength Training
  • Ski/Snowboard
  • Golf
  • Row
  • Yoga
  • Paddleboard
  • Kayak
  • Other (includes all other types not listed above)

What to expect by enabling Early Access?

This initial Early Access launch is web-only and is coming soon to the apps. By enabling Early Access, both your past and future activities will be immediately imported, displayed, and considered by Adaptive Training and Red Light Green Light.

You’ll still get adaptations and red/yellow days as a result of new sport types in the apps while we finish up the remaining app work to display the activities.

How does it work?

Upload any sport type to Strava/Garmin and TrainerRoad will automatically import it. Then voila!, we’ll take care of any training adjustments as a result, if any.

Here’s a case where I went on a 3.5 hour hike that was outside of my normal training regimine — RLGL detected the unexpected training and triggered a yellow day on what would’ve been my Sunday Over/Under workout.

Adaptive Training delivered a mellow endurance ride instead. :relieved:

How are the new sport types factored into Adaptive Training and RLGL?

We’re able to see all activity data available for all new sport types. We aren’t publicly sharing inner workings or technical specifics.

What else do I see by enabling Early Access to new sport types?

We’ve also made some other tweaks based on the addition of new sport types, such as:

  • Analysis pages for each sport type
  • Chronological ordering of your training and FTP changes
  • Improved sport type filtering from the Past Activities page
  • New thumbnails for new sport types

There are a couple things to note below about items on our radar and known bugs:

Not included in this release but coming soon:

  • Track Working Sets in Strength Training workouts
  • Import and display New Sport Types in the apps

Known bugs that we’re working on:

  • Some historical Garmin and Strava Transitions aren’t correctly matched
  • “Other” is showing 0:00:00 in the Intervals table
  • Manually scheduled recurring swims are not matching to imported swims
  • Workouts are out of order on Current Week section of Career page

How to flip the switch to see new sport types:

Head on over to the Early Access section of the website: Early Access

Go ahead and enable the section for New Sport Types, and your training history will immediately update to show all sports from Strava/Garmin, past and present, depending on what you have connected. You can double check your Activity Sync connections here: Activity Sync

We’re super excited to get this in your hands and hear your feedback! If you have questions, feedback or find any bugs, please drop it down below or send me a message. You can find more info on our Help Center here, and Support@trainerroad.com is also always happy to help.

Thank you everyone!


Could you please offer some kind of auto-set TSS for runs and swims (you already have some form of stress measurement for RLRL so it should be there)? RLGL is nice but the TSS chart does not reflect that (if you do not manually enter a TSS yourself).

Manually setting TSS for each run is cumbersome (it’s not accessible from the calendar with one click…even that would be a progress) since you need to open each run individually.



Chad Crowe reacted to your message:

For rowing activities, could pace be displayed as the typical time per 500m?

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Great news thanks team :+1::+1:


Neat, thanks for the update!

Thankfully I didn’t track my 8 hours of yardwork yesterday or I’d be red for the next month!


Do we need to manually enter tss for RLGL? Does it increase accuracy to add tss?

@Rizzi, @NateP, Setting TSS isn’t necessary for RLGL. Adding it won’t increase the accuracy, it’d just be for accounting in the TSS chart.

If you want to account for TSS in the TSS chart for runs/swims, you can do this today by clicking into any run/swim, then using the Intensity Estimate or by manually inputting a TSS value.

If you’re doing runs from a TR plan, we’ll automatically add TSS when those runs are imported.



Not like Ive been swimming a lot lately… but this is great news.


Nordic skiing is under ski/snowboard or other?


Nordic skiing will get detected as ski.


Will it also work if I manually enter an activity in the app or on the website? I do 2-3 core strength workouts each week, which I manually enter on the web calendar. I don’t record these sessions with any tracker or wearable, and they don’t appear on Strava or Garmin Connect. The main reason for adding them to my calendar is to have them act as a kind of prompt and to make me more accountable.

I’m guessing manually added activities won’t contribute to RLGL?

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I record all my rides and runs with Apple Watch. Will the app version of TR support import of additional sport types from Apple Health?

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It’s better for RLGL to record the workout with a device, but manually completed workouts will still have an impact.

What we’re working on for Strength Training will allow you to specifically tell us when your workout is upper/lower/full body or core, too. :muscle:


You can do this today! You can sync any sport type recorded with your Apple Watch into TR using Strava as the intermediary.

We have plans to allow for sync directly from Apple Health into TR, but that’s currently exclusively set up for TR Outside Workouts that are completed on the Apple Watch.

Looks like my strength training work outs are getting labeled as “other”. How do they need to be labeled in Strava to be picked up as “Strength Trainining”?

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It will need to be labeled “Weight Training” in Strava in order to map to “Strength Training” in TR. Looks like your most recent weight lifting workout was labeled as the generic “workout” type within Strava.

I have a session on May 1st that looks to me like it is labeled correctly but, is showing up as “other”. Any thoughts on that one?

There’s a bug here. Working on getting is sorted now!

What should happen is we’ll update the sport type in TR if you update the sport type in Strava (just like we do with the workout name).

Thank you!

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