Supplements to aid in recovery


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Never really used topical products in this context. Will look into it.

In case the IOC Consensus Statement hasn’t been published upthread.

Just to add to this conversation: Antioxidants should not be taken in conjunction with or training, as it would otherwise dampen the training effect.

Consistent with the concept of mitohormesis, exercise-induced oxidative stress ameliorates insulin resistance and causes an adaptive response promoting endogenous antioxidant defense capacity. Supplementation with antioxidants may preclude these health-promoting effects of exercise in humans.

Not getting the benefits one deserves after a hard workout is surely a slap in the face. Antioxidants reduce fatigue, but at a cost.

It has been hypothesized that the body’s physiological amount of antioxidants is not sufficient to prevent exercise-induced oxidative stress and that additional antioxidants are needed to reduce oxidative stress, muscular damage, or overshooting inflammation. However, some but not all investigations have demonstrated oxidative stress following physical exercise, and also, findings concerning the role of antioxidants in reducing oxidative stress are equivocal. In addition, a clear association between the amount of exercise-induced muscular, metabolic, hormonal, or inflammatory stress and levels of antioxidant vitamins could not be established consistently. Therefore, although the theoretical background may be sound, there is no scientific evidence to recommend increased quantities of antioxidants to physically active people exceeding the amount provided by healthy, balanced nutrition.

As there is no greater need for antioxidants in trained individuals, due to an adaptation to more free radicals of the immune system and exercise generally having a protective effect on the immune system.

Though, if you are someone who is experiencing extreme post-exercise immunosuppression, antioxidants and a healthy diet are favorable. (This can happen one to three days into a rest week.)

Other supplements as minerals and proteins (according to your muscular strain and training regime) should be taken as seen fit for a healthy person.

My recommendation: healthy & balanced diet, enough sleep and rest


@dsirrom I like your list I am doing the same the only thing i have added is iron as I am borderline anemic but I have read up and found that this is true for most doing consistent endurance training. However most diets have enough iron to prevent it being an issue but i was told by several medical consultants to look into the issue but I am not severe enough to warrant treatment but if I don’t take iron supplements it affects my performance of TR workouts.

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Vitamine d
Fish oil

Hey, Beneluxrider,

I just would like to know why is your dosage 10-15 gramms? And is it fine to add it in coffee?
What brand do you prefer?
I start to take amino acid, two capsules before a meal. I find it on this web-site and I like it. Magnesium is a really great thing for me too and because my doctros insist I take vitamin D too :slight_smile:

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All the literature I’ve read and podcasts I’ve listened to always recommend at least 10 grams to reap the benefits for tendon and ligament strength/recovery. Seems to be the common knowledge so that’s what I’m going with. It’s absolutely fine to add to coffee as brewing temperatures are far below the protein degradation temperature.

I always use this one:

Really like this brand. Very trustworthy, collaborates with Leuven university nutrition/performance research department and official supplier of a lot of pro sports teams (ceuninck quick step for instance):

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I have tried Lactigo but I havent noticed a benefit from using it. I am still undecided about it.

I find Amp human works noticeably for me.

Are you doing 5 squirts per leg, 1 hour before you ride? What efforts have you tried it on?

Brendan John Housler

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Applied as they indicate, minimum of 45 minutes prior, my warmup tends to be 15 minutes so nothing really hard on the riding side till at least an hour since its application. I have used their single use packets which I didnt really notice an effect. I have played around on types of workouts and change days on type of product.

Amp Human has definite effect that I notice as i ride VO2 workouts or threshold workouts. I dont use anything when I do an easy ride. Use is always when I do long rides or harder intervals.

There directions indicate 8 pumps for full body workout which seems a bit different then what you indicate. Will try what you indicate. I still have lots to use but these days on hard workouts I go to AmpHuman as I feel better the next day after a hard workout when I use it and I do feel less effort on the harder rides with it. Lactigo is not as messy which is why I am trying it but it just doesnt feel like it does anything for me.

I do play around to see what works but still on the fence on Lactigo.

Cool thanks for the detailed feedback. Def try 5 squirts per leg. Let me know!

If it doesn’t work, submit for a refund. 100% guarantee.

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100%. They asked me to try the product and after it blew the doors off almost all my previous lifetime PR’s, I made sure it was legal (lol) and asked if I could promote it for free product.

Good question!

But fwiw I only promote things that I use and work for me and athletes that I coach. I.e. cordyceps, gels, elevated legs.

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I am actually thinking of trying lactigo or AMP and am sort of up in the air on which one to go with

i’m biased but the science says carnosine is way better; buffer the hydrogen ions before they hit the bloodstream, as opposed to trying to attack them with sodium bicarb after the fact.

when athletes do a half body lactigo test it’s usually pretty astounding, so you could do a half and half if you end up trying both!

good luck

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I have used both and have tried various ways of seeing how they help or dont help.

Lactigo for me offers some relief but it is minor. I have tried increasing its use, used more, played with timing etc. It works but is so so for me. Once I run out I wont repurchase.

AMP Human, while a bit messy really works during the ride as well as on the recovery side of a hard ride. I notice a difference the next day in how the legs feel.

The timing for Amphuman seems to have less of an impact on the ride then Lactigo. Lactigo for me definitely needs a longer time pre ride which can be a pain depending on the day. I cant just come home put it on and then shortly go for a ride. It needs more planning.

How much magnesium citrate do you take? My 200mg pills are pretty big. Do you take with food at bedtime?