Supplemental Rides for Bikepacking (700mile) Race Prep

I’m training for a 700mile Bikepacking Race in 6months.
Calendar Plan is SSB1 > SSB2 > SPB > Climbing Road Race (All Low Volume) Mon, Wed & Fri.
My days off from work are Friday and Saturday.
I’d prefer to do long 6+ hours on Friday and maximize family time on Saturday.
My fitness background is good. I’ve done centuries and even a double century in 10.5 hrs.
Current FTP is only 225, but will come back up very quickly.

A) Fri: TR Planned workout followed by 4-5 hr endurance & Sat: & 1-2 hr endurance
B) Fri: 6+ hr endurance ride & Sat: TR Planned workout.
C) Scrap TR weekend plan and just go have long, easy weekend adventures.
D) Completely change planned days?