Supersapiens - continuous blood glucose monitoring

If you’re in the U.S. and have an iPhone¹ but don’t want to wait for SuperSapiens, you might want to check out Veri.

¹ Android app is in development

While Veri isn’t solely focused on athletes like SuperSapiens (no real-time readings, you need to periodically scan), it’s already available in the U.S. and is reasonably priced at $129 for 14 days or $199 for 28 days. And you can save 25% with my referral code:

I’m near the end of my 28-day test and have been really impressed. The approval and ordering process was smooth and the mobile app is polished and informative. The Veri app doesn’t rely on a sensor manufacturer’s app, so no need to install anything else—unlike some other CGM offerings. They also have a small (but growing) community forum where Veri customers can share findings and insights about using the product, similar to the TrainerRoad forum.

I’ve already learned a lot about how my blood sugar responds to different foods, activities, and sleep quality. It definitely provides more actionable feedback than finger-prick :drop_of_blood: testing, something I started a few weeks prior to using Veri. A finger-prick test just gives you a single data point, but a CGM shows you the current trend (flat, curving up, curving down) that allows you to make better-informed decisions.

One of the biggest surprises for me is that I don’t get a spike from ice cream…woohoo! :ice_cream: :raised_hands: :laughing:

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Thanks! I have been looking to get my hands on something like this since I heard about Super Sapiens. So excited to see what is going on inside over the next 4 weeks!

Thanks for the discount!

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