Supersapiens - continuous blood glucose monitoring

I never said it does not make sense for somebody hopeing to understand their bodies reactions to get some kind of cgm. I think though it would make more sense for these people to first invest into some knowledge about food and body reaction in general.

I am sitting in many trainings for diabetics where they learn how to use their cgm. Data you get from your cgm need to be evaluated. Unfortunately most people there dont even understand the most basic categories of diet/food/etc, not much help there by a cgm other than waking them up at night to inject insuline.
Better would be not to eat burritos at 10pm at the first place.

I am arguing that unless so many people (in the US) with life threatening diseases like Type1 dont have access to or funds for these kinds of treatments I would myself shy away to use it as a healthy person, who should rather go learning about their bodies and the damage they do to themselves every day. For that you do not need a cgm, but a book, some interesting websites, maybe a coach. Not much more.

True, one day this will and should be accessible to a broader public and thus make these products maybe cheaper. Why not. If it helps the truely sick people and maybe can prevent others from falling sick. But lets me frank: we all know that some more education and moreover fighting the sugar industry would be much more important in the first place.