Super Thirst while drinking Maurten Drink Mix

Maurten is very specific about the 500ml mixing ratio for their Drink Mix products, but while drinking Mix 320 only, I become very thirsty in rides that are longer than 1 hour. My question is… Can I drink water while consuming Maurten Drink Mix? My concern is that if I start drinking water at the same time, (a) the Mix will be diluted in my stomach and (b) the pH of my stomach will increase, thus affecting the gelling of the product.

This is why I’ve never tried their product. If you contact them they will tell you the drink has to be an exact mix of water to product or the product won’t work properly. I live where it’s ridiculously hot. I need more water than that.

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If you’re thirsty, drink more.

To be honest I wouldn’t worry to much about what happens to it after it hits your stomach, your body sorts that out automatically. Feeling thirsty however is a sign of your body that you need to drink more.

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Old topic but I’m wondering the same thing. Obviously 500ml per ~ 1 hour isn’t going to be sufficient in many/most circumstances. I’ve got the same worry, taking a shot of maurten and chasing with a mouthful of water seems to be diluting (pun intended) the ‘specialness’ of the product. What do dedicated Maurten users do?

I bought a box to try and have used it once. Generally I liked it. I tried to wait 3-5 minutes between swigging Maurten and an electrolyte mix (it was Precision Hydration, which probably doesn’t matter). My stomach felt good at the end, which is a win for me, but I have the impression that Maurten is going to be too finicky for me to use outdoors. I know, I know, their ‘hydrogel technology’ is mostly marketing hype, but I want to give the product a fair shake and use it as it is intended to be used.

They probably use the Maurten 160 product.

Which begs the question, what’s the difference between that and a more typical sports drink like Cytomax or Gu Roctane, other than brand/taste/etc? Any performance benefit? It is quite a bit more expensive…

Yeah, good point, 160 is better from a hydration standpoint. Still doesn’t really help with electrolytes, through.

I like the product, just seems difficult to use in the real world unless you’re wearing a pack and getting bottles/bladders handed up. I might try their gels. Those and a pack filled with skratch might do it.

To your question about what separates them from others, my guess would be it’s the specific carbohydrate blend/ratio. But that’s really a guess.

And this is why I keep my hydration and fueling separate. The ability to adjust either separately is huge. And this whole idea of hydrogel and mix it specifically is nonsense in practice. I’m not questioning whether their claims are true or whether is works, but nobody is going to intake only maurten and that hydration ratio doesn’t work for every scenario.

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Will diluting the 320 in a Hydration bag be any issue? I guess the correct mix ratio would make its uptake better but surely my body would absorb the carbs, maybe at a lesser rate. Or it just become wasted completely?

I received guidance from Maurten indicating not to mix with more than 500 ml. They recommended using 160 if I needed more hydration.

My current strategy is to have a bottle of 320 for feeding and supplement with H2O. This seems nuts as you are diluting the Maurten in your stomach as supposed to in the bottle, but I have been drinking either Maurten or H2O separated by at least 5 minutes. Hopefully, that is enough time to reestablish the pH of the stomach in time for the next Maurten hit.

I still genuinely don’t understand that.

Ryan Reynolds’ “But Why” meme

I did too, and as a result, I decided not to use Maurten because I live where it’s extremely hot and I need more water. After mentioning that here, people pointed out that it’s just a matter of hypo vs. hypertonic and if you’re going to mix 500ml with a 320 and then drink more water from a different bottle, you might as well just mix it all together. I did that with no issues at all.

I see it more as getting in more carbs in an hour than I do getting a perfect mix. I make my own with the 2:1 mix now.

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