Focus/Cervelo RAT on Wahoo Kickr16

I have a 2016 Focus Izalco Max Disc that has the R.A.T. thru-axle - similar one that Cervelo has been using lately. They’re not compatible with the 2016 Wahoo Kickr.

Does anyone have any success with:

using the Robert Axle Project

or the Hardlight Axle

with Wahoo’s t/a adaptor? on a 2nd generation / Kickr16?

Wahoo hasn’t tested it and understandably won’t comment. I’m rarely out of the saddle on my trainer, but don’t want to have an indoor trainer accident… “that sucks, how did you break your wrist”…"



I have a kickr snap and i am using the Robert Axle project rear through axle for wheel on trainers. It is working well for trainer rides and also riding outdoors.

I can’t see why the the kickr adaptor wouldn’t work. If the trainer will accommodate the width and diameter of axle on your bike with the adapters then it doesn’t matter what the style the axle is (RAT, maxle, etc.) The only difference is the open/close mechanism not the diameter or length (the only parameters relavent to trainer comparability.

I have the Kickr16 direct drive trainer. Requires a completely different solution than what you use on the Kickr Snap…

The outer surface of the drive-side R.A.T. isn’t flat. So the inside face of the QR nut will be on two little points (and not the full surface). I’m hoping that the nut on the Robert Axel project would provide a better/more secure interface to reduce chances of ejection!

This is an interesting product reviewed by GPLama. I didn’t realise there were so many options. This kit looks like it would work with anything…

Thanks for the link, I saw that too, but didn’t save the post/ad. It looks amazing (and probably a near-future upgrade - Ideally before I’m caught without a 6mm allen key and a rear puncture).

I’d still have to replace the R.A.T. “receiver” on the frame with the nut from the Robert Axle Project. And those people are smart enough to not sell the nut separately.

The fine folks at Robert Axle Project tell me their product (+ the Wahoo t/a adapter) are what I’m after. I’ll report how it goes.

I figured I would provide an update here. There are a few other companies using the R.A.T. system - including Cervelo.

I purchased the Wahoo T/A kit and installed it. The longer QR skewer fits through the RAT system. But it hardly provides any surface to clamp. I’m certain that tightening the QR skewer would crush the RAT receiver.

The Robert Axle Project installed easily. It provides a super secure interface all around. Means I have to carry a 6mm allen key in my saddle bag now, but can safely ride the bike on the trainer. Up until now, I really like the R.A.T. system!

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