Elite Suito Pairing and Calibrating


New to TrainerRoad and smart training and pleased to join this community!

I just received a Elite Suito smart trainer. The trainer seems to have paired properly with the TrainerRoad app on Macbook and iPhone but TrainerRoad does not register speed during calibration. Any suggestions? I do not know if this is a hardware issue or a pairing issue.

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I have the same issue with calibrating the trainer with my iPhone. TrainerRoad app suggests to pedal to 5mph but you need to pedal until you reach 20+mph and hold it for 5 seconds before you release and let it spins down. The calibration should pass. One strange thing though, calibrate button is not available in desktop app.

You are better off than I am. I no speed/power data is displayed within the TrainerRoad app or in another training app suggested by Elite. Both apps show as paired with the phone but no speed/cadence/power data flows.

i have the same problem, not being able to callibrate with the elite app.
It says ‘keep pedalling’, even after 15 minutes. The next try, it said ‘increase speed’, but i had to quite.
Any suggestions?


I was unable to solve my calibration issue and my unit never sent power to Trainer Road, Zwift or myEtraining. I contacted Elite via their website, the online seller and the distributor. No solutions were offered thus the unit is presumed to be defective. Since I live in the US the United States distributor worked with Elite to supply a replacement unit which I received today. I would encourage you to begin with the shop or site where you purchased your device and then, if necessary with your distributor to troubleshoot if possible or arrange for replacement.

A dialog regarding Suito issues can be found in the comment section for DC Rainmaker’s review. Hands-On: Elite's New $799 Suito Smart Trainer (with cassette)

Hope this helps!



Thx for your kind reply. Let me know if it worked out with the replacement device. I’ll wait another day for the answer from Elite.




I never heard directly from Elite. You might be consider contacting the site or shop that sold you the device. They or their distributor might be better positioned to help. I purchased from Clever Training and worked with the US distributor.




I received my replacement Suito last week and was able to set it up yesterday. The flywheel spins true and the unit paired and worked with my MacBook Pro and iPhone. The Upgrado App (available in Apple App store for iOS devices shows the trainer has most up to date firmware 191 hardware revision 3.

A few fine points:

-Calibration with Trainer Road required pedaling to approximately 20 mph and holding for about 5 seconds before letting the spin down happen. This tip was supplied by a user on the DC Rainmaker Suito discussion and it worked for me once. Other times I could not calibrate.

-Bluetooth connection may be finicky. Initial setup was plug and play. Returned to the trainer later in the day and iPhone did not connect despite restart. MacBook connected with TrainerRoad app and dropped. Major frustration! While shopping for a replacement trainer I came across a Kickr Core user who noted that trainer did not pair if more than one Bluetooth device was in range.

I returned to the trainer with iPhone and then MacBook as only Bluetooth devices nearby and everything worked!

So, try pairing with ONLY ONE Bluetooth device nearby. When calibrating spin to 20 mph.

Best Luck!

It should be there in bluetooth I think.

My Elite Suito connects fine, but when I have to calibrate the speed it asks me to ride up to 7.5km/hr first. I can only manage to ride up to 5km/hr in the top gear 53x11t spinning out at 100+ rpm? If I was riding outside at the same effort Id be moving at 40km/hr? Very strange and doesnt seem normal. Replays welcome.
Thanks Ned.

When in enquired with TrainerRoad the indicated that they did not yet have a trainer to set this process up. Hopefully soon.

I am having issues with ERG mode. I have calibrated mine, but it’s not tracking the power output smoothly, I can still spin way above my power target…I was expecting it to be smooth in erg mode.

Anyone else had this…in erg mode in Zwift it also doesn’t track the power too well…do I have to do something?

My Suito pairs with no issue (even over BLE and Ant+ simultaneously). ERG mode also works pretty perfect for me. It ramps up and down relatively slowly, but I think that’s quite fine. One thing I noticed though, is that it seems to work better over BLE. Over Ant+ it seems to stay a bit below power, unless I hold my cadence with Coach Chad-like precision.

Also, spindown calibration does not work at all. Neither over TR, nor the Elite app… dunno maybe it’s not supported yet :man_shrugging:

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Oh nice ok…I got my calibration to work, I span up to 33kph+ and it works…ERG mode doesn’t track at all though, and power smoothing doesn’t work either.


I’m having the same issue, with my wife’s Suito.
Her FTP is about 160, so her power in between intervals is around 70w. To hit that, she has to go down to a cadence of around 60. If she keeps it at her normal 85, I never goes below 120-130w. Otherwise ERG mode does work. It just seems like her low power is the problem.

And I’ve only got it to calibrate successfully one time, and power smoothing doesn’t work.

It will probably have to do for now, but i just hope eventually an update from Elite or TR makes it work as my Kickr Snap. I guess it’s still a relatively new unit.

Just wanted to let you know you not the only one having issues :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey! FYI - Erg mode works on my Suito (I have tried this on Zwift) However it doesn’t track true to the power target, but I did feel the resistance kick in as my targets increased.

I sent something to Elite (cant find what I asked now) but this was their response.

Good morning,

Thank you for getting in touch with us.

Concerning your request:
Concerning power fluctuations in erg mode:
If you find variations of 10-20W, this is absolutely normal as the speed is not perfectly constant during training but fluctuates slightly (e.g. from 20km / h to 21kmh at 19.5km / h and this behavior generates these small power oscillations.
A variation between 10-25 W is also detected by professional cyclists.
Suito hometrainer uses a particularly precise calculation to show power data.
Although the software imposes constant power, pedaling is in fact never perfectly uniform, therefore power peaks are created, detected from the trainer and shown on the screen.
The trainer automatically tries to adapt to pedaling to keep the power set within the set standard but these oscillations are absolutely normal and are detected by Suito since the calculation of the power value is much more accurate than with base hometrainer which do not consider the pedaling inertia.

As refer please take note that even DC Rainmaker has the same fluctuation: Hands-On: Elite's New $799 Suito Smart Trainer (with cassette)

This fluctuation is not an issue but the consequence of the high precision of the trainer

Should you need any further information, we remain available.

I actually have the same… in the cooldown phase when target is like 70 W trainer doesn’t drop below 120 W … but at least the suito supports up to 2000 W, right?! :man_facepalming:t2:

One thing that should help is to drop the bike in the easiest gear possible… I think with the lower flywheel speed the trainer should be able to also lower the resistance more.


Have you tried performing ERG mode on your small front ring and a corresponding middle ring on your rear cassette?

I found that some trial and error is needed.

With respect to Resistance mode I am most comfortable with Resistance at 21%. This allows me to jump from high cadence/low resistance (small front ring/mid rear cassette) to high power (large front ring/mid to upper rear cassette ring) by shifting from small to large front ring and a couple of rear gear changes. It all comes down to trial and error.


You maybe have now but have you updated your circumference?

I can’t remember it failing to calibrate since I did. When I was using 2096 it failed to calibrate often.

On my Elite Suito, even though the instructions say to spin up to something like 10mph, I find it wouldn’t actually calibrate unless I spin up to 18mph - 22 mph.

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