Suggestions Needed: New Skewer for Kickr

The skewer that came with my Kickr gen1 is losing its grip / is slightly bent. Any suggestions on a replacement that grips really well?

I’m thinking:

I’ve never had issues with the standard steel trainer skewer you can buy for $10 online or $20 in a LBS.


Steel trainer skewer all the way.


Absolutely, weight doesn’t matter so a steel one will be fine.

My trainer bike was made back in the days of horizontal dropouts. And it’s chrome plated, so very slippery. That kickr skewer didn’t stand a chance, I rode my bike off the kickr a couple of times. Fortunately no damage to me or my bike. I used an old steel closed-cam skewer from my junk box and that fixed the problem. All the Ultegra skewers that I have seen are closed cam and should work.

:neutral_face: So I got an Ultegra skewer because it was on sale and cheap, but unfortunately it is slightly thicker than the Wahoo skewer, and won’t fit in the hub adapter side (little plastic piece to set the width at either 130 or 135). It fits the cassette side and all the way through the axle, but not the hub adapter.

I needed a second skewer for my Kickr Snap and Wahoo support suggested a steel one as others had recommended which I ordered from amazon. It does the trick.