Derailleur adjustment for Kickr

Just set up my new Wahoo kickr core, I was kind of hoping it would be as simple as attaching the bike an away you go.

Seems like I’ll need to adjust the indexing each time I move from outdoors to indoors, is this normal?

Hopefully it will only be a couple of turns of the barrel adjuster.

any advice would be appreciated :grin:

Yes, quite normal but a bit of a faff

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When switching wheel sets, the difference in the design requires subtle changes to the mech. Same for the trainer since it is direct drive.

I’d shift to the smallest cog and eyeball the lower limit before you go twisting the barrel adjuster


You could consider adding a appropriate-sized spacer to either the kickr or your wheel so that to two are in the same line.


This is what works for me. A couple notches one way or the other when going on/off the turbo.

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Might give this a go first, it does seem like the smallest cog is the noisiest

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I don’t need to do this. 10sp 34-11 on the Kickr core and 28-12 outdoor. Just small adjustments in the fine tuning adjuster in the cable is enough.

Oh that’s interesting to know, so no b screw adjustment needed when dropping to be the 28 cassette?