Suggestions for post-stag weekend workouts

Morning All, three days in sunny Lisbon enjoying a rare weekend off and indulging in copious cervejas, G&Ts and pastel de natas. I now feel flat as a pancake - any views on whether I should aim for endurance/recovery, or something more sprinty to get the juices flowing?

For context, I have an Ironman at the end of June. And yes, I know, the timing is appalling but you’re only youngish once.

Just continue your training plan as prescribed. If you need to take some back pedals, lower intensity or cut a workout short adjust accordingly. You’ll be back to normal after a couple workouts.

30 minutes of Steele was the perfect tonic - you were right, my legs cam back in no time.

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just go ride to detox all the substances that are making you feel like garbage. Eat some fruit (always seems to help my hangover and get the glycogen stores back), and move forward with no regrets.

Good luck!
Brendan - EVOQ.BIKE