Sudden Change in Altitude for 1-2 weeks during Training Plan

Looking for some recommendations from others who’ve likely encountered the same situation:

We’ll be traveling from sea level to 7,500FT mid March for a 7-14 day annual ski trip. At that time, I’ll be beginning the second week of the second half of general build phase. I will have access to an indoor trainer/bike while in Montana so I can continue my training regimen uninterrupted. That said, with the stark change in elevation and corresponding impact on Vo2, I’d welcome recommendations for how I should adjust the intensity of my training for this brief period of time as to limit any negative impact on my cycling fitness / progress I’ve made during the first half of build phase? Ideally, I would prefer not to perform a ramp test at altitude if I can avoid it. Two options I’m considering are reducing the intensity of the build phase workouts by 15% (ie the likely impact on my Vo2 at this elevation) or substitute intensity for longer endurance rides until I return to sea level. Thanks in advance for your advice!