Stupid Newbie Software Feature Question

New user here - recently set myself up with a smart trainer (tacx neo) and trying out the different apps for indoor rides. I’ve tried the Tacx app and Zwift, and I’m currently in my first few days of TR. My office gym also has peleton bikes available, and I’ve done many training rides using their app/classes.

When you do a simulated ride with Zwift and Tacx, the resistance changes to simulate climbs. For Peleton, you can ‘just ride’ and watch your power/cadence levels, or you can take a class and follow the power/cadence ranges - but it doesn’t change resistance to simulate climbs or changes in power.

Does TR have a mode where resistance changes to keep you in a power range for a training session? I’ve played around with it a bit and it doesn’t seem to offer that option. Am I missing it?

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Yes, assuming that you are using a smart controlled trainer (like your Neo) and have it set to ERG mode while running a TrainerRoad workout, it will set the resistance levels according to the workout.

You can verify the mode in use by looking at the lower left side of the screen on PC/Mac app, or by opening the trainer in the Devices section of the mobile app.

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No dumb questions…sort of. Lol

Thanks - did my first ride with TR a couple of days ago and was on ERG mode and it did not seem to be changing the resistance to keep me in the power zone - will try it again today.


You can contact for direct support to diagnose your issue.

Or you can try to post a link to your workout from the TR website (your account needs to be set to ‘Public’ so we can view it) and we can try to help more specifically.

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Ensure you’ve not got anything else connected that could be screwing things up. For example I calibrate my turbo using the Rouvy app, if I do not close this down, then when I use TR in ERG mode it won’t work correctly.

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Explain what your process is when you fid the workout and we can help. Also as the other poster said make sure you don’t have any other training app open if you are using the phone.

One tip: When riding in erg mode, put the chain on the small chain ring in the front and about mid-way up your cassette in the back, then don’t shift during the workout. Keep your cadence steady and the trainer will find the right resistance after a couple of seconds. If you shift or ramp your cadence up/down the trainer will be chasing the changes and resistance will be all over the map.

May need to update the firmware to your trainer.